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  • January 2011

    Buzz 051 – Crazy Buzz

    January 31, 2011 · 10 comments

    This Buzz was a lot of fun. I just started drawing with nothing but randomness in mind and here’s what came out a few hours later. I’ve never drawn anything that has ever matched this style. I hope I can do it again on purpose some day.

    This Buzz says, “Errrrrgggh! Straining to fly! Must… Squeeze… Harder!!”

    As much as I wish I could say that I went out and bought ink and brush and paper to create this… today’s Buzz is the product of another iPad app called Zen Brush. The Chinese characters in the piece actually mean “toy” just fyi.

    This Buzz says, “我是巴斯光年,太空游侠。”

    It’s not Lite Brite… it’s Bright Bright, an iPad app. I do plan to do a legit Lite Brite Buzz, and this just may serve as my template.

    This Buzz says, “Lite Brite? I think the words you’re looking for are Bright Bright.”

    I’m not saying he looks like he comes from a comic book. I’m saying this is what he would look like if I drew a comic and he was in it.

    This Buzz says, “If I were a thinking man, I’d be thinking of something serious.”

    I’m so glad this turned out. I was inspired by the Darth Vader Snowflake and decided to try to make a Buzz. Ta da!

    This Buzz says, “Is the temperature in this area below that which would generally be considered comfortable, or is it me?”

    I finally finished the super-difficult (for me anyway) papercraft Buzz that I began the week after Christmas. This isn’t the first papercraft Buzz I’ve completed… but it is the most detailed. It’s strange how much I just want to smash him. All that work, and he’s so delicate.

    This Buzz says, “I’m 100% biodegradable and 100% no fun!”

    See more photos after the break. [click to continue…]

    This is the second Buzz that has been submitted by my 6 year old daughter, Jenna. Here’s her first Buzz. Here’s her podcast, “Podcast Kid“.

    This Buzz says, “If you count sentimental value, I’m the best Buzz here!”

    This is a digital painting done in Photoshop in the style of Picasso as suggested by reader Amy.

    I used the following painting for reference:

    This Buzz says, “I think I got pink eye”.

    Buzz Fan Submissions

    January 23, 2011 · 2 comments

    A few of our readers have hopped on the spaceship and have submitted their own Buzz fan art.

    Buzz Lite-year from Wayne

    Buzz Cookie by Ian

    See more after the break. [click to continue…]

    I drew this on my iPad in one shot during a meeting using a note taking app. I was pretty happy with how recognizable he was even with so few lines.

    This Buzz says, “I only have eyes…. and nose, mouth and chin… for youuuuu.”