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    Have you seen the episode of Doctor Who where the little Adipose aliens were coming out of people’s excess fat? It was a wonderful weight loss system… until everyone turned completely into a mess of the little jobbers.

    "Could you lose some more weight? I need a friend."

    I kinda wish that would happen right about now. My stomach would flex and wiggle. This cute little nasty guy would pop out from under my shirt, wave goodbye and float away. He would even wave and smile with his one little sharp scary tooth. The best part being I bet each Adipose weighs in at around 5 pounds.

    Alas, it is not that easy… or dangerous.

    Getting carried away with weight loss is dangerous.

    So all that to say my first week is behind me. I lost 2 pounds. So about half a Adipose. Now I’m glad they don’t exist. Who would want to deal with half an alien crawling around your house. Clean up alone…

    Experience tells me that I should be losing about 2 pounds every week if I follow the plan. That means I should be within goal range in about 42 weeks or 6 months. That’s a little depressing… but I worked a lot longer and a lot harder getting fat! I had to overeat every single day! It took years of work to get me where I am now.

    People have no respect for how hard it is to avoid doing a sit-up. You do half a one just getting up in the morning!

    So here’s to waiting on September! I’ll be nice and skinny just in time for the Holidays!! Welcome back my little Adipose!

    Current stats:

    • Starting weight: 262.2 lbs
    • Current weight: 260.2 lbs
    • Goal: ~175
    • 5% Goal: 248.9 lbs
    • Daily points: 51

    Buzzwing by Pogo

    April 6, 2012 · 0 comments

    An oldie (2010) but a goodie. Don’t try to understand the lyrics. It’s better that way.

    Shows I Like

    April 5, 2012 · 0 comments

    In no particular order… and by no means a complete list.

    I watch all of my TV via Netflix and Hulu Plus. What do you watch and how do you watch it?

    I Love Lego

    April 1, 2012 · 0 comments

    I’ve never been into Lego. Didn’t really see the draw as an adult. Sure I’d bought some of the Buzz Lightyear Lego stuff when it came out, but nothing beyond that.

    Then the other day I came across this amazing video describing the upcoming R2-D2 model from Lego.

    I knew from the moment I saw that thing that I needed that model. I contacted my a friend who works at the Lego store in Orlando about the possibility of getting one. She’d offered in the past to help me out if I ever became interested. She said it was due out in May but in the mean time there were other great Star Wars models available… like the Millenium Falcon and the X-Wing Fighter. Plus she would be able to help me out with a bit of a discount. So I packed up the family and we drove an hour and a half to Downtown Disney and bought those two plus Luke’s Landspeeder, some dino stuff for the boy and the new Lego Friends science lab set for Jenna.

    The next two days were spent back at home assembling these things and let me tell you… I am hooked. Not only is it a blast to have these things… it is downright relaxing to work on them! Therapeutic even. Anyone else feel that way?

    Now I’m totally into Lego. I wish I had a room full of them so I could build custom stuff in my spare time. Currently I’m designing a few Buzz Lightyear figures using Lego Design Studio, but I’m finding that it’s hard to track down lime green and deep purple pieces. Luckily there are plenty of online resources for buying those hard to find parts individually. I’ve already poured $13 into a very small package of 1×1 purples.

    My first figure is a recreation of CubeDude’s amazing Buzz Lightyear rendition.

    I’m also into the stuff going on at Lego Cuusoo. I’ve pre-ordered my Minecraft Micro World set and am eagerly anticipating the approval and creation of The Winchester from Shaun of the Dead as well as an official Back to the Future delorean. Go over and vote for them!!

    I’ve been checking craigslist and ebay for a huge (cheap) lot of random Lego bricks so I can start building my own creations. I just wish that more folks who create amazing Lego models would post more about how they put them together.

    I’m jumping back on the weight loss bandwagon. Back in 2001 I reached my goal weight… then the holidays hit. I gave up and gained it all back plus some. I’m 38 and overweight and have decided to take control of at least one of those two issues.

    I’m using the online version of Weight Watchers for Men. I never liked the meetings anyway. Now there are loads of online tools and tracking help that makes carrying around a mess of manuals and reference books a thing of the past.

    I only started yesterday so there’s not a lot to report so far. I have added some mini goals this time around. The first mini goal is to lose 5% of my body weight. My second goal is to fit into XL T-shirts. Mostly because there’s this really cool Buzz Lightyear Tee at Downtown Disney that I want and the largest size they have is XL.

    Along with the obvious task of tracking my weight on a weekly basis, I’ve also decided to track measurements. My experience has shown me that there may be weeks that the scale doesn’t change… but the measurements will. Basically I’m trying to create as many “wins” as possible for myself. I’ve measured my waist, calves, thighs, upper arm, neck and my belly. I don’t expect much chance in the calves. They’re solid muscle… but my neck and belly… looking forward to seeing some changes there. I would wear a suit at work a lot more often if the shirts didn’t choke the life out of me. And since most of my weight is in my belly I’m looking forward to pulling that tape measure tighter and tighter each week or so.

    Here are some of my stats as they stand right now:

    • Starting weight: 262 lbs
    • Goal: ~170 (not sure yet. I’ll know when I get there)
    • 5% Goal: 248.9 lbs
    • Daily points: 53
    Will I make goal? Will I give up and quit? Will I get stuck in a rut with what I eat because it’s easy to track what I know? We’ll have to wait and see. Just don’t expect a lot of photos. That would be weird.

    I’ve talked before about how I use games in my children’s church. Almost without exception they work double duty as fun and an object lesson. This means that I create the games right along with the rest of my service and then share that information with the volunteer leading the game. [click to continue…]

    **Update!!** We made goal! Thanks!!
    Any extra donations are welcome… but will go toward other Buzz Projects.

    I’ve got a huge idea… and you can help me pull it off!

    Ever seen folks use Solo-style cups to spell out words on a chain-link fence? Imagine that taken to the next level. I want to purchase enough multi-colored cups to create a huge Buzz Lightyear.

    Here’s a photoshop mock-up of what he’ll look like:

    It’s going to take over 600 cups to create this masterpiece… and that’s where you come in.

    Consider sponsoring a cup (or several cups) for 25 cents each. When I complete the project and post it on the site, I’ll list the names of everyone who gave in order of how many cups they sponsored.

    So how about it? Can you spare a quarter (or more) for this cause?

    Check back as I will update this post with the progress.

    Cups Needed: 605
    Cups Sponsored: 605
    – 9:46pm 3/8/2011
    Cups Remaining: 0!!


    Flash Jervis
    Michael Shannon
    Monica Mason
    Too Much Information Podcast
    Obsessive Comics Disorder
    Axe Cop! (Ethan Nichole)
    David Godbout
    John Stienklauber
    Traci Haley
    David Weyers
    Jennifer O’Rourke
    Brittany Parrish
    Josh Kessie
    Between Your Ears Podcast
    Vanessa Perez
    Michael Klein
    Jennifer Kennison
    Mat Pace
    Patricia Sanchez
    Jared Miller
    Winnie Van de Broeck

    Sponsor 1 Cup – .25


    Sponsor 4 Cups – $1.00


    Sponsor any number of cups – You choose.

    Cool Buzz Crap

    January 3, 2011 · 1 comment

    Here are some images and links to some amazing Buzz Lightyear stuff I’ve found recently.

    Got some of your own crap to share? Shoot me an email!

    A-Data T006 Buzz Lightyear USB Flash Drive

    I really want to get one of these USB drives. They’re currently out of the 4GIG size which is all I can afford at the moment.

    Chogokin Buzz Lightyear from Bandai

    This figure is amazing. It comes with several different faces to change expressions and different hands for poses. It’s like #120 US though.

    Real Life Buzz Lightyear

    If you haven’t seen this yet… you’re in for a treat… and you’re slow.

    Buzz Lightyear Carrot

    Apparently a guy named Clive Williams pulled this out of his garden.

    This moron changed his name to Buzz Lightyear

    I like Buzz and all, but dang. Maybe I’d change my first name to “Buzz”… but the whole thing?

    Nike Buzz Lightyear Kicks

    If they made these in Adult sizes, I’d own them in a minute. Would I ever wear them? Nope! They’d be on display in my office for the rest of my life.

    One of our listeners, Gordon, recently sent in the following question:

    “I was wondering if you have any ideas that could help get volunteers out of a small congregation (80-100) to help out consistently.”

    I wanted to share my response with the rest of you.

    Getting your pastor on board is the biggest thing. If it is his passion to get volunteers, it’ll become the church’s passion to provide them.

    Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers. God loves these kids more than you do… put it to him! If he wants these kids properly ministered too… then he’ll have to provide the help!

    Remember to be faithful with what you have. It’s easy to get bitter and angry with parents, choir members, pew sitters and the like. They’re all too easy to get angry at when you’re stressed but God has promised that if we’re faithful over little that he’ll make us masters over much. Complaining or bitterness will ruin it so don’t grow weary in your well doing!

    The right people are worth waiting for. We can be tempted to fill the positions we have with whoever we can find to fill them. But I don’t want bodies … I want hearts. I want people that God has called. People God has called don’t quit after 2 weeks. They don’t leave you hanging. You don’t have to wonder if they’ll show up this week. AND… the only thing worse than having no workers is having the wrong workers. Ministry is not dealing with drama, gossip and issues with your workers… it’s what you do when that stuff isn’t an issue. While you wait for the right people, just trust that God is perfecting them, preparing them for the day they will serve with you in HIS ministry.