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Weight Loss Update: Week 3

I’m starting to get just a little sloppy here and there. If I grab a piece of candy from my kid’s Easter basket I don’t count it. I’m not measuring out my mayonnaise  when I make a sandwich. Do letting little things slide like that matter? They do if I start letting bigger things slide.

Example of letting little things slide.

With Weight Watchers you can literally eat whatever you want… so that’s not the issue… but you’re supposed to track everything. When I have a “hungry night” and I eat a little more than just dinner… I’ll count that, no problem. It’s the little stuff that I’m not counting… and I need to start… because those things have a way of adding up. And I’d hate to be sacrificing so much during the week only to have a tiny Reese’s Cup mess me up.

Mess you up? I'll swallow your soul!

Still though I’m doing great. This week I’m down 1.8 pounds… 3.8 pounds total.


Weight Loss Update: Week 2

Have you ever worked really hard sticking to a diet plan only to lose .2 pounds after all that? Yeah, well I have. That’s my big update for this week. Point two pounds.

"Know what weighs .2 pounds? My bark."

I guess I could celebrate. At least it wasn’t .2 pounds in the wrong direction. And if I didn’t have a electronic scale that did the tenths I wouldn’t even know I’d lost at all.

It’s a little ridiculous to fret over such a thing when a drink of water or a good trip to the rest room could make you weigh a half a pound more or less instantly… but that’s why I’m sticking with it. I remember last time that I could go two weeks without any change… then that third week drop four pounds all at once. That’s just the way it works. At least I’m not 12 seconds heaver.

"What tha... I've been weighing myself on a wall clock!"

So all that to say I’m looking forward to next Sunday’s weigh in. Sticking to the Points Plus system tighter than ever… cause it’s easy to get lazy and quit measuring and start counting things in your head, trusting yourself. Thing is, my self wants more than the measuring cup wants to give out… so I can’t trust it.

Couldn’t find my measuring tape so I couldn’t do accurate measurements… have since found it and I’m about an inch smaller around all the biggest places: belly, waist and neck. Funny, I want my neck to get smaller more than I want my belly to go down. I’d wear more of my dress clothes and a tie if I didn’t feel like they were choking me to death.

"I know that feel bro."

Weird thing. I put on my ball cap the other day. It felt loose. I haven’t had a haircut. Haven’t moved the adjustment strap on the hat. Did my fat head lose weight? Weird.

"I also know that feel bro."

Thanks for reading. Here’s your reward:

Weight Loss Update: Week 1

Have you seen the episode of Doctor Who where the little Adipose aliens were coming out of people’s excess fat? It was a wonderful weight loss system… until everyone turned completely into a mess of the little jobbers.

"Could you lose some more weight? I need a friend."

I kinda wish that would happen right about now. My stomach would flex and wiggle. This cute little nasty guy would pop out from under my shirt, wave goodbye and float away. He would even wave and smile with his one little sharp scary tooth. The best part being I bet each Adipose weighs in at around 5 pounds.

Alas, it is not that easy… or dangerous.

Getting carried away with weight loss is dangerous.

So all that to say my first week is behind me. I lost 2 pounds. So about half a Adipose. Now I’m glad they don’t exist. Who would want to deal with half an alien crawling around your house. Clean up alone…

Experience tells me that I should be losing about 2 pounds every week if I follow the plan. That means I should be within goal range in about 42 weeks or 6 months. That’s a little depressing… but I worked a lot longer and a lot harder getting fat! I had to overeat every single day! It took years of work to get me where I am now.

People have no respect for how hard it is to avoid doing a sit-up. You do half a one just getting up in the morning!

So here’s to waiting on September! I’ll be nice and skinny just in time for the Holidays!! Welcome back my little Adipose!

Current stats:

  • Starting weight: 262.2 lbs
  • Current weight: 260.2 lbs
  • Goal: ~175
  • 5% Goal: 248.9 lbs
  • Daily points: 51