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  • February 2011

    The kids were outside drawing on the driveway so I figured I’d get involved. This Buzz Lightyear is the result. If he’s not my best work it’s because I was having to keep a 6 year old girl and a 3 year old boy from walking all over it. I can’t do chalk drawings without thinking about Burt in Marry Poppins.

    This Buzz says, “I wish they had a bigger driveway. I might have had arms and a torso.”

    Once I started drawing, the kids wanted to be right next to me and do their own versions. Jenna did Jessie and J asked me to draw him a Woody… then he finished it in his own style. See them after the jump. [click to continue…]

    This is a Buzz Lightyear created from basic communion elements. I literally used an old quill pin and dipped it in the grape juice to draw out the face.

    This Buzz says, “This is not my body that was broken for you.”

    The idea for this Buzz Lightyear came out of no where as I was finishing my dinner Thursday evening. I didn’t even think it would be possible but pretty soon, I had what passed for a recognizable Buzz. My kids were impressed anyway.

    This Buzz says, “You don’t need no Parmesan cause I got the cheese right here.”

    **Update!!** We made goal! Thanks!!
    Any extra donations are welcome… but will go toward other Buzz Projects.

    I’ve got a huge idea… and you can help me pull it off!

    Ever seen folks use Solo-style cups to spell out words on a chain-link fence? Imagine that taken to the next level. I want to purchase enough multi-colored cups to create a huge Buzz Lightyear.

    Here’s a photoshop mock-up of what he’ll look like:

    It’s going to take over 600 cups to create this masterpiece… and that’s where you come in.

    Consider sponsoring a cup (or several cups) for 25 cents each. When I complete the project and post it on the site, I’ll list the names of everyone who gave in order of how many cups they sponsored.

    So how about it? Can you spare a quarter (or more) for this cause?

    Check back as I will update this post with the progress.

    Cups Needed: 605
    Cups Sponsored: 605
    – 9:46pm 3/8/2011
    Cups Remaining: 0!!


    Flash Jervis
    Michael Shannon
    Monica Mason
    Too Much Information Podcast
    Obsessive Comics Disorder
    Axe Cop! (Ethan Nichole)
    David Godbout
    John Stienklauber
    Traci Haley
    David Weyers
    Jennifer O’Rourke
    Brittany Parrish
    Josh Kessie
    Between Your Ears Podcast
    Vanessa Perez
    Michael Klein
    Jennifer Kennison
    Mat Pace
    Patricia Sanchez
    Jared Miller
    Winnie Van de Broeck

    Sponsor 1 Cup – .25


    Sponsor 4 Cups – $1.00


    Sponsor any number of cups – You choose.

    I’ve carried a Moleskine Notebook for a couple of years now. They’re great for putting down ideas and sketches and stuff. Here’s a drawing I did the other day. Nothing special I suppose… but the squiggly lines that surround Buzz is actually just one long line. Some people draw stars when they’re bored… I’ve always filled pages with these maze-like lines that are actually just one line.

    This Buzz says, “So what.”


    I love me some Doctor Who. It was just a matter of time before I merged Buzz Lightyear with the Doctor. David Tennant and Buzz have the same eyebrows after all.

    This Buzz says, “That wasn’t time travel… it was falling, with style.”

    Here are a few more amazing examples of Buzz Lightyear fan art from our readers.

    Renaissance Buzz Lightyear by Matthew Sargant

    Great work Matt! Love the wings, the puffy shirt, those boots! Excellent.

    White Board Buzz Lightyear by Chris

    Does it make me weird if I really like his eyes? Nice touch on crosshatching the blue and red dry erase markers to make purple.

    Buff Lightyear by Wallace

    This was inked on paper, scanned and colored in Photoshop by my friend and co-worker Wallace Phare. I love that the muscles are so huge they literally take the place of the armor!

    I’d love to feature your Buzz Lightyear fan art here…

    Here before you is a Buzz Lightyear made from french fries… the healthy part of this balanced breakfast! This was actually an idea given to me by my 6 year-old daughter, Jenna. She was visiting family and did a portrait of her Uncle Tim using her french fries. She’s awesome. She actually does her own podcast for kids. Check it out.

    This Buzz says, “Help me. Once he’s done with this photo he’s going to eat me!”

    I was shopping at Target for some Kit-Kat bars and ran into an end cap with these Color Blanks figures from RoseArt. Two of them come in a pack for just under 10 bucks. They reminded me of the  Munny or Mighty Mugg figures… except a few bucks cheaper.

    I bought one pack and a bunch of permanent markers and knocked this out Sunday afternoon. I highly suggest you go out and pick a pack up yourself and create something awesome!

    This Buzz says, “I could have been shaped like a bird, a dog or have had a square head!”

    I made this using Notepad and a keyboard… then Photoshop. I would have liked to have added the actual ASCII art… but apparently my theme adds css style formatting to the pre tag that makes that impossible. Boo.

    If anyone knows a way, I would love to share the actual text. Be sure to click the image to make it bigger.

    This Buzz says, “I would look better in Windows 3.0.”