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Buzz 103 – Macaroni Buzz

Reader and podcaster Mike Prince wrote:

“Fed [some mac and cheese] to our kids tonight and thought it would be cool to see a “preschool craft” style Buzz made from Mac & Cheese noodles.”

So I grabbed a paper plate, some tacky glue and a mess of macaroni and relived a part of my childhood that I don’t even remember.

This Buzz says, “What, no glitter?”

Sponsor My Biggest Buzz Lightyear Project Yet!

**Update!!** We made goal! Thanks!!
Any extra donations are welcome… but will go toward other Buzz Projects.

I’ve got a huge idea… and you can help me pull it off!

Ever seen folks use Solo-style cups to spell out words on a chain-link fence? Imagine that taken to the next level. I want to purchase enough multi-colored cups to create a huge Buzz Lightyear.

Here’s a photoshop mock-up of what he’ll look like:

It’s going to take over 600 cups to create this masterpiece… and that’s where you come in.

Consider sponsoring a cup (or several cups) for 25 cents each. When I complete the project and post it on the site, I’ll list the names of everyone who gave in order of how many cups they sponsored.

So how about it? Can you spare a quarter (or more) for this cause?

Check back as I will update this post with the progress.

Cups Needed: 605
Cups Sponsored: 605
– 9:46pm 3/8/2011
Cups Remaining: 0!!


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Sponsor 1 Cup – .25


Sponsor 4 Cups – $1.00


Sponsor any number of cups – You choose.