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Got Multiple Podcasts? Request an iTunes Artist Page!

Sometimes I think I enjoy starting new podcasts more than I actually like podcasting. Podcasting always wins out… but the result of my dual passions is that I have a lot of podcasts, some in an archived state, that are individually listed in iTunes. I’ve always worked to share each show’s audience with my other shows. That’s why I started the NLCast Podcast Network and even added a little toolbar to the top of each website in the network with links to the other shows. But the truth is, 9o% of my audience has never been to my site. They found me in iTunes or through their iPhone and their entire experience with my content has been via iTunes and on an individual show basis. Naturally I cross-promote within the shows themselves… but what I was trying accomplish could have been done a lot better, easier… and a long time ago if I’d known about this little trick. Here it is: Continue reading

Buzz 102 – How To Draw Buzz Lightyear

I’ve been wanting to do a how-to for quite a while. I always had a love hate relationship with how-tos from Highlights and the local newspapers. It always seemed like they started out way too simple then skipped a bunch of steps to get to the finished product. It was almost like the artist wanted me to know that I could copy all I wanted… but I would never learn and possibly take his job some day. I understand the logic… in this economy it makes perfect sense.

This Buzz says, “I don’t have sad eyes!”

Click here so you can actually read what it says.