Buzz Lightyear Dental Hygiene Collection


I’ll be the first to admit that today’s items are not in any way interesting or entertaining. These were purchased back in the early days when I would buy anything that had a Buzz on it. It was a weird time where they were putting out a lot of little crap like this… but Buzz hadn’t gotten to the point where they were making real collectible items.

My wife will tell you. When I started collecting she thought that Buzz Lightyear would fade away like so many other characters (Kung Fo Panda). I’m sure product manufacturers did too at first.

All that to say that as this blog goes on the items get better. Both because they’re making better stuff now and because I’m a lot more selective.

But not in the early 2000’s! Hey a toothbrush with Buzz printed on it! Wow! It’s only $4? What a deal! I’ll take two!



This is not a good collectible… but I’ve had to for so long that I think it still counts. It may interest you to know that this is not a toothbrush. It’s a “Zoothbrush”. Says so on the back. The company has long since folded and the domain forward to Crest. I will point out one feature… It seems that the bristles on the outside of the brush are soft. I imagine they’re the green ones…. but I’m not sure. It’s the kind of feature that you point out when your toothbrush has no cool features. It doesn’t light up, play music or vibrate. But who needs all that when your surrounding bristles are soft? Now it doesn’t even sound like a feature… more like a complaint. “Um, Oral-B customer service? Yeah, I’m calling in today because something is wrong with my Zoothbrush. Yes, the inside bristles are awesome, nice and firm… but the surrounding bristles are… just kinda soft. Can you send out a repairman? Thanks!”



I’m a fan of flossing. I love running razor wire between my teeth and into my gums. The taste of blood in my mouth, the way it cuts of circulation to your fingertips. What’s not to love? That’s why I prefer flossers. Little plastic things that hold a bit of floss. Genius idea. But not genius enough.

Flossing was missing something: Fun. So Oral-B came to the rescue and created a product that provided just that. They’re not real clear on what makes it fun. I supposed salivating on two dimensional┬áplastic cartoon characters could be considered fun.

I like that they say that they’re “New!”. I would hope so. Buying pre-used flossers would be pretty gross. We’re also urged to try the Disney Princess flossers. I wonder if instead of “Fun” they offer an “elegant” flossing experience.



I’m not making any excuses for this one. It’s flippin’ cool. Buzz and three LGM in 3D on the handle. Fairly well painted. Good stuff.

There doesn’t seem to be any promise or guarantee of fun on this product. Neither does it claim to be new. So apparently this is a nasty pre-used un-fun un-zooth toothbrush.


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