Buzz Lightyear Dog Costume


So yeah. I have a Buzz Lightyear dog costume. I bought it with no dog at home. With no intention of ever owning a dog that would ever fit it (note that the costume size is Large). I’ve had it for at least 10 years… and that dog on the front never ceases to entertain me.

He’s a Lab of course… but where did they put his ears? They’re shoved in a stretchy spandex head scarf… for dogs. He doesn’t seem to mind though. He seems to be enjoying the fact that he kind of resembles Buzz Lightyear.



The costume consists of Foam Character Wings and a Stretch Headpiece. So yeah, foam wings and a head rag. Tie it on dog owner. It’s worth choking your dog and robbing him of his ears. Halloween makes it worth it.

Just in case you wondered. This item is also Machine Washable. In case you wanted to use it again and again. Say it wasn’t Halloween and you were kind of sick of how your dog looked. Bam! Out comes a freshly laundered doggie Buzz costume. Now your pet’s love will last to infinity and beyond.

Actually I don’t know a single dog that would put up with this. I could just see them walking in circles trying to grab hold of one of those wings and then rip the whole thing to shreds.

Maybe I’m wrong though. After a quick search on Google images I found a few really good pictures. I want you to notice something.



Happy dog. Dressed as Buzz.


Another happy dog. Also dressed as Buzz.



Dog dressed in a costume that is not Buzz. Dog does not look happy. Our lesson today? No matter how ridiculous dressing your dog up is… if you’re going to do it… dress the poor thing up as Buzz Lightyear. Plus, that dino costume looks to be dry clean only.

A word of warning straight off the back of the bag. Don’t put this bag in a crib. It’s not a toy. I know, I know. A plastic bag is the hottest toy for infants this year… but you’re going to have to settle for the 2nd hottest gift for infants this year… a dog dressed as Buzz.

This cost me 7.94 from Walmart (then Wal-mart) in 2003. You can still buy them online for between $9.99 and $19.99. Big bucks! I’ll be retiring early for sure with all this cash!

Do you dress up your dog? If so, post a comment (and dare I request a photo?) in the comments.


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