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    Man At Arms builds swords. He records the process and uploads it to YouTube. I’ve worked with a lot of mediums… but metal will never be one of them. But watching this guy work makes me with I could. I’d probably burn, grind or just plain cut off my fingers within the first five minutes.


    A celebration of the way those of us in the South celebrate Foreworks Independence Day!

    Lest we forget, this is the fireworks show from San Diego last year. The best and the shortest fireworks show ever.

    “This is the only way to cook!”

    This baby can swim better than I can! This looks like some kind of baby torture… but then again the baby is in control and doing just fine. Props to the swimming baby.

    Ever heard of Kid Snippets? They record their children acting out a story then act it out on video with adults. Very funny stuff. My kids love it too!

    Froggy Fresh, formerly Krispy Kreme, has created my favorite rap of all time. Silly but very well rapped.

    I thought I would only watch this for a few minutes… but the tricks just get better and better.


    Some great LEGO animation depicting an interpretation of a scene in Aliens. Excellent work from Koobers. I especially love the pull back at the end showing us the entire set.


    I’m not much for dogs… but this level of obedience is impressive. Almost as impressive as the surprise at the end!

    via The Awesomer