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  • Buzz Lightyear Fan Art

    It’s Dilbert… as Buzz Lightyear… and it’s late and I’m tired so bye.

    This Buzz says, “I make fun of office stuff. Brrt!”

    I love Dexter’s Lab. It was a truly remarkable show and the art of Genndy Tartakovsky speaks for itself. So once again I pay tribute by mixing a little Buzz in there for good measure.

    This Buzz says, “Dee Deeeeeeee!!!!! Stay out of my laboratory!’

    This is what I imagine Buzz would look like if he were afraid… or about to cry. I like the style of this one.

    This Buzz says, “Why would a glow-in-the-dark uniformed toy be afraid of the dark?”

    Happy Independence Day America!

    This Buzz says, “Secretly I have nothing to do with the 4th of July… but whatever.”

    My young Irish friend Fintan asked me to draw a quick Buzz Lightyear on a napkin during dinner at a “take away”. He said he’d keep it forever. I put him to the test today when I asked if he could photograph it and send it to me. He didn’t lie and here’s the proof.

    This Buzz says, “Thanks Fintan!”

    This one’s a stretch… but I’d wear it as a t-shirt.

    This Buzz says, “Well shiver me timbers… and beyond.”

    Here he is: Leprechaun Buzz, on my last day in Ireland. Now go about your business.

    This Buzz says, “James found me at the end if this authentic Irish Double-Rainbow.”

    Today I wanted to make a Buzz from a four-leaf clover. I didn’t know if he would be in the shape of a clover or what. Turns out the clover makes a pretty decent chest plate.

    This Buzz says, “Bród Éireannach!”

    I sketched this on the back of my children’s church service during my breakfast one Irish morning. Nothing exciting.

    This Buzz says, “You’d think we’d have seen the Solo Cup Buzz by now.”


    Ireland is exactly everything you imagine it is supposed to look like. It’s so green, the rain is so beautiful… even the old buildings are classic and retro.

    This Buzz says, “I’m down here… look at me… hello!”