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  • Buzz Lightyear Fan Art

    I’m not gonna lie. It’s getting hard to create these Buzzes every day. I have lots of ideas… but lack of money and time are both prohibitive to most of them. Still though, I want to finish this project… but I’ll be glad when I’m finished.

    This Buzz says, “No, I will NOT take my clothes off for ‘art’!”

    Ever seen these things online? Figured I’d make one of Buzz Lightyear. I wanted to point out a flaw in the Toy Story universe… if Buzz thinks he’s real… and not a toy… why does he still freeze, which apparently something that is optional, when humans come around?

    This Buzz says, “Thankfully come-backs are not something we believe in on my planet… but we’re not on my planet, are we?”

    I got the jar at Micheal’s. The head from a Lego set. The rest made from Polymer Clay. Eventually I will replace the water with colored gel.

    This Buzz says, “Can I be president now?”

    Futurama is a great show. I figured Buzz deserved his place in Head History.

    This Buzz says, “In the future they figure out how to make 3D rendered characters real… then remove their heads.”

    This was another suggestion from the Nobody’s Listening chatrooms on Monday night. The Earth dressed as Buzz Lightyear. Created from Google Images, I present, Planet Buzz!

    As a bonus today, click on the image to make it big enough to use as a desktop wallpaper!

    This Buzz says “We are the world… we are the children.”

    This Buzz was created from suggestions and input from the Nobody’s Listening Podcast chatroom taken live Monday night. Thanks folks!

    This Buzz says, “”A chatroom made me… Dont judge me… I was born this way.”

    If Buzz Lightyear were a redneck, I beleieve he might look something like this.

    This Buzz says, “You some sissy cowboy? You needta join up witta Rangers! Dadgum!”

    Remember those crazy monster characters who drove hot rods from the 70’s? They were a series of collectable cards called Odd Rods and I decided to do a Buzz version.

    This Buzz says, “This seat is really uncomfortable!”

    I spent a lot of time on airplanes going back and forth from Ireland. Three on the way there, and four on the way back. I figured the airline owed me a bit more than a soda and a Sky Mall magazine… so I took a barf bag. It was for a good cause.

    This Buzz says, “Why does the bag say “Occupied”? That’s just gross.”

    Would Buzz have looked better with a ‘stache? Maybe.

    This Buzz says, “I like that dame Jessie see. She’s got moxie!”