10 Things That Keep Listeners From Listening To Your Podcast

10. Hosts who read their iTunes reviews as a segment… or even better, to start off their whole show.

9. Jokes that only the hosts get… not even regular listeners.

8. Um… (dead air) um… ah. Ummmm.

7. Hosts talking about technical glitches forever.

6. Hosts that talk like they’re bored out of their mind. Why should I care if you don’t?

5. Shows with no discernable format between episodes.

4. Shows that go on for over an hour, but have the content of a 15-30 minute show.

3. Hosts that talk to people off mic that aren’t in the show. It’s so fun hearing one side of a conversation!

2. When the host sounds like he’s recording in the middle of a echo chamber standing about 10 feet from the mic.

1. Heavy breathing and mouth noises… like smacking. *shiver*

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