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  • Buzz Lightyear Fan Art

    Even this Buzz is just a bit of the hand and forearm, I’m still counting it. My daughter broke her arm a month ago and got her short-cast today. She let me draw on it. Then she let me paint on it! I used acrylic paint and sealed it with spray gloss. You should have seen us in the dark on the backporch, me spraying my daughter’s arm with clear coat. One of our neighbors walked up the steps while we were out there. I can’t imagine what he must have thought.

    While working on this I got an idea for a possible project in two parts. First, become a cast painter. People would pay me to paint their kid’s cast! Second, to go to the local children’s hospital and offer my services for free in special cases as deemed by the hospital. We’ll see if I actually follow through with this idea. Doubtful, but fun to think about.

    Next time she breaks her arm I’m going to make her get a white cast.


    I’ve been wanting to make a Buzz Lightyear clock for years. I bought the wood and clock movement 3+ years ago and just never got to it. Finally the stars aligned and I pulled out the materials and got to work. My original plan for years was to mimic the swinging leg type of clock like the Elvis clock I had back in the day. [click to continue…]


    I never planned on making a Buzz Lightyear Nutcracker Doll. I was in Hobby Lobby, a local craft store, and saw some wooden Nutcracker blanks and thought, I wonder if I can paint that to look like a Buzz Lightyear? I took some pictures and decided to figure that out when I got home. [click to continue…]


    I drew this the other night with my finger and my iPad while suffering a depressive episode. I wasn’t drawing him to look like I felt… but the scribble style, yes, that’s how I felt.

    I talk about this piece in my podcast Made My Day: EP 23 – This Thing I Do.


    I figured I’d do my little Pixel’d Buzz (Buzz 247) as a giant Minecraft sculpture. Two dimensional this time.

    Enjoy some pics. Click to make them big.

    2013-11-19_02.28.45 2013-11-19_02.29.16


    **UPDATE** Giant Buzz Lightyear Music Video!!!!!

    A while back I decided to attempt to make a large enough Buzz Lightyear shoe that I could add the tread detail on the bottom. Quickly the shoe turned into nearly an entire leg.


    Last night I decided to finish this giant leg out with what turned out to be the biggest thing I’ve ever constructed in Minecraft.


    [click to continue…]

    **Edit** I realized today that these should count toward my goal of 365 Buzz Artworks. I have added the proper numbering below.

    Sketching has always been a way to help me pay attention when someone is speaking, training or teaching. Now that I’m on the receiving end of the Sunday Sermon I’ve found that sketching on the iPad is just what the doctor ordered. So every Sunday service usually results in a new Buzz Lightyear drawing.

    Here are the latest.

    Buzz 251: Dark and Mysterious Buzz


    [click to continue…]


    This Buzz was done by request from a couple of little girls at church playing with an Etch-A-Sketch.

    “Can you draw Buzz?” they asked. “We’ll find out,” I answered.

    A few moments later they were already amazed, bored and wanted it back so I never got to finish. But here he is anyway.


    This Buzz says, “This is me moments before they shook me to death!”



    I was just sitting there in service wondering what to draw and Elizabeth says, “you should do a Bumblebee Buzz”. I knew what she meant and started right away.

    This Buzz says, “Infinity is the right of all sentient beings.”

    Is GIF pronounced with a hard or soft G? I’ve always said it like the word Gift without the T. I’m probably wrong. I don’t care. It’s a GIF!

    This Buzz says, “My eyes blink. Big freakin’ deal.”