Buzz Lightyear Easter Basket #264

The other day I found a strange little square shaped easter basket for a dollar at Target. I immediately saw the potential to turn it into a Buzz Lightyear Easter basket.

I did a search and found that there are Buzz Lightyear Easter baskets… but mine is different. It’s more like if Buzz Lightyear were turned into an Easter basket… or if someone only had Easter-like materials for to make a Buzz Lightyear with.

My materials were: weird square Easter basket, craft foam, hot glue, craft glue, clear cellophane, Easter grass and a paper mache egg. Most everything came from Hobby Lobby.

After collecting my materials I drew up a sketch in Photoshop just to get my idea out on paper.

One idea I didn’t come up with till I drew it out was the clear cellophane acting as his clear dome. I’ve seen people wrap baskets in it, but for mine I’d have to figure out a way to just do the top. It ended up being pretty simple.

Before cutting into that precious craft foam I used craft paper to make a pattern. Then I removed the paper bits and cut the foam out flat.

I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. I wish I had some Easter candy to put in there!

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