Untapped Harvest Field: Your Local Christian School Needs Chapel Speakers

When we Children’s Pastors think about school outreach we tend to focus on the ever closing door of public school. I have found that local Christian Schools and even Daycares are looking for ministers and volunteers to help in their weekly chapel services.

I never considered a Christian school to be much of a harvest field… But I was wrong. There are quite a few families who send their children to Christian schools because they can, not because of any kind of Christian faith or values. You’ll also find a segment of children there who just couldn’t make it in public school due to behavior or emotional disorders. The need is great and the doors are often wide open.

Most schools require a background screening. The schools I work with require a level 2 background check which includes fingerprinting. I also had to have a volunteer badge made with a photo. This allows me on campus to do two chapels for elementary students per month and one for the pre-schoolers per month. They’d let me do it weekly at the preschool if my schedule allowed,

To get started head over to Google Maps and search for Christian schools in your area and give them a call. I can almost guarantee they’re looking for chapel speakers. Even if the school is run by a church.

The benefits? Every child on campus knows me. Parents know me by default which gives me an instant “in” while on campus. I’ve been able to help with “See You At The Pole” events and graduation ceremonies. We also have more than a few families who attend here as a result. The schools are more than happy to return the favor by promoting any of my special events to the kids. I’ve even been asked by the Art Teacher to come share some of my artworks with the kids over a period of several visits this year.

Those of you with successful public school outreaches… Press on! But for those of us who are looking for more ways to reach into the community… Consider your local Christian school. There may be a harvest there ripe for the picking.

Do you have experience in working with local schools, Christian or otherwise? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments,

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