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Buzz 100 – Cup Buzz Preview

Regular visitors to this site will no doubt be familiar with my “Solo Flight” cups in a fence project that I’ve been planning. Part of that process was raising funds to purchase the cups. Thanks to your help that part is done! So thanks! Next, before I committed the project to completion I wanted to mock-up using perler beads. I’m glad I did, got to perfect a couple of things.

We’re still looking for the perfect fence. I’m eyeing a soccer field that can be seen from the highway and a local elementary school who already uses cups in their fence to get out short announcements to parents. We’ll see.

This Buzz says, “It looks like I only have on leg!”

Oh, and by the way, this is Buzz 100… so say congratulations to me or something. Only 265 more to go!

Buzz 060 – Perler Bead Buzz Mini

My kids and I went to Micheal’s and they had a sale on little Perler bead kits and so I bought a couple for them to do that evening. I ended up trying to make the smallest Buzz that I could but you could still recognize. Note that the orientation of the beads is diagonal. I think I could have gotten him even smaller if they were horizontal like the last one.

This Buzz says, “My face is four beads squeezed together… kind of hurts”.

Buzz 032 – Perler Bead Buzz

I got interested in creating things with Perler Beads once I saw that folks were using them to recreate 8-bit sprites from old video games. Perler beads are little plastic beads that you place on a spiked mat. When you get them arranged the way you want you fuse them together by melting them a bit with an iron. They end up looking a lot like pixels.

I created the pattern in Photoshop using a 29×58 pixel canvas. Then using two 29×29 pin tiles, I put him together… twice. I spilled him all over my lap on my first attempt at making it to the iron. I’ve included the pattern below if anyone out there wants to make their own.

This Buzz says, “I put the craft in spacecraft.”