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Buzz 100 – Cup Buzz Preview

Regular visitors to this site will no doubt be familiar with my “Solo Flight” cups in a fence project that I’ve been planning. Part of that process was raising funds to purchase the cups. Thanks to your help that part is done! So thanks! Next, before I committed the project to completion I wanted to mock-up using perler beads. I’m glad I did, got to perfect a couple of things.

We’re still looking for the perfect fence. I’m eyeing a soccer field that can be seen from the highway and a local elementary school who already uses cups in their fence to get out short announcements to parents. We’ll see.

This Buzz says, “It looks like I only have on leg!”

Oh, and by the way, this is Buzz 100… so say congratulations to me or something. Only 265 more to go!

Buzz 092 – Tiny Coffee Cup Buzz Lightyear

This Buzz was crafted from 1.25 fl oz styrofoam coffee cups. They’re tiny little things. I had the idea because upside down one of them reminded me of Buzz’s leg cuff. After several hours of cutting and gluing… I’m not sure this was time well spent. I don’t know what I was hoping for… but I’m not sure this was it. I colored him using permanent markers.

This Buzz says, “Because I’m not biodegradable… I’ll be around for infinity… and beyond.”