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Buzz 114 – Sand Castle Buzz

We went out to Treasure Island beach so I figured it was time to experiment with any skills I may have as a sand castle crafter. I had three hours till sundown… so the moment we hit the beach I got to work. My tools? A square shovel, drywall mud knife, a couple of sticks and a plastic spoon. I also borrowed one of my kid’s straws because I’d seen a news report in the 80’s about sand castles and the artists were blowing away bits of sand with a straw. It turned out to be a huge help. An hour and a half later, this is what I came up with. Not bad for my first try… although sand is limiting… and so he has no neck.

I built him, shot him and then let the kids murder him.

This Buzz says, “I had a shorter life than a house fly!” or “Like sands through an hourglass…”

Buzz 082 – Mr. Men Buzz Lightyear

Remember the Mr. Men and Little Miss books? Yeah, I hardly do either. I remember there was a happy one… a messy one… probably a lazy one. I think I remember the Letter People more than I remember these guys… but anyway. Here’s a Buzz Lightyear drawn in the style of a Mr. Man character.

I would be amiss if I did not mention my inspiration for this one was from Seven Hundred’s 82 Heroes/Villains Drawn As Mr. Men.

This Buzz says, “Mr. Buzz? Years of Academy training wasted!!”