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Buzz 116 – Minecraft Buzz Beta

This is my second Buzz Lightyear constructed inside the indie game, Minecraft. This time instead of using Alpha, where the blocks are provided instantly and are unlimited… I decided to build inside the Beta version where you have to fight for every little scrap you get. You also have to keep from being killed by monsters.

Why? The graphics are better. Smooth lighting. The option for changing out textures if I wanted… and it would enhance the world I play in.

Speaking of enhancement… funny story. I wanted to add some near his feet… to make it look all super awesome. It did look awesome… for about 3 seconds until the whole thing caught fire and burned to the ground. It’s build out of Wool you see, and apparently wool is flammable. Well thank God for Windows 7 and being able to restore the game file otherwise I may have pickaxed myself to death or let a cow eat me.

This Buzz says, “Ho, ho, ho. Green Giant.”

Here are a few more shots.