Buzz Lightyear Bubbles


Today we have bubbles… or at least things that make bubbles. One in the bath the other in the air. Why does that sound so wrong?

To the left is a bottle of traditional “blow through a textured hole on a stick” bubbles. Buzz stands atop the lid looking off into the distance surely wondering why I didn’t dust it before I shot the picture.

I’m sure there’s a bubble wand down in liquid somewhere. I’ll never know because the cap is safety sealed like it’s ibuprofen. Speaking of bubble wands… remember those things? Wands are supposed to be magical. You wave a bubble wand and all you’ll get is soap in your sister’s eye.

I’m all for Buzz bubbles and having a figure astride the lid… but I’m glad they don’t do that with everything.

Imagine going for the mayo and freaking Justin Bieber’s smiling head is look at you. Maybe a miniature Taylor Swift on the ketchup. Not only would they be hard to use… but they’d be too tall to fit on the fridge shelf. Especially the Taylor Swift one. That woman’s like 7 feet tall.

I probably shouldn’t have written this out. Someone’s going to find it on Google now and make this happen.


The oddest thing about the bubbles to me is that they use traditional Buzz (the one true Buzz) but then use Star Command Buzz (anti-Buzz) on the label below. It’s probably because no one cares about the differences like I do… but I doubt it. People care. They’re just busy and stuff.

All in all he’s a well made little figure. All of the right parts are the right color. Nice little acrylic dome on his head making me feel like I can’t breathe.


The other item is a bottle of bath bubbles. I never had bath bubbles when I was a kid. We just used all of our mother’s shampoo.

It’s another Buzz Lightyear figure on the cap… well, some of him. Parts.

Buzz has no arms. His buttons are all blue (rather than green, blue, then red). No logo on the center blue badge.

Closing thoughts

Both of these items are ones that I wouldn’t touch today. But back then I had lower Buzz standards. I’m a bit of a Buzz snob if you will. The only one in the universe.

But if I ever see a mayonnaise¬†jar with a Buzz head one it… I’m buying three!

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever bought because you thought it was cool or cute? Leave your answer in the comments.


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