Buzz 134 – Easter Egg Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear as an Easter Egg. What could be better? I really wanted to create the egg in the traditional way… with egg dye… but after the initial dip for the skin color, the shell wouldn’t take any other colors. I had to switch to markers.

The egg is hollow. I hollowed it out a couple of weeks ago. Why? Two reasons. One, because I wanted to keep it forever… and hard-boiled eggs do eventually go bad. Two, an empty egg has long been the “prestige” at the end of a Sunday School lesson referred to as “Resurrection Eggs”. Teachers use plastic eggs filled with various items (small cross, nails, cloth, etc) to teach and remind children about the Passion of Jesus Christ. The last egg is empty… which reminds us that though Christ did die for our sins, he is no longer dead and his tomb, though full, became empty on Easter Sunday.

This Buzz says, “I’m Agnostic”.

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