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An example of ministry


Every single podcast I do has an underlying purpose. Nobody’s Listening is about sharing a Christian’s life with the masses. Geek Loves Nerd is about helping married people get along. Children’s Ministry Monthly is about helping the ministers that are overlooked in the current ‘leadership focused’ trend.

CMMonthly is a ‘Christian’ show. Geek Loves Nerd is a show driven by Biblical truths and practical life applications. But Nobody’s Listening is just a clean comedy podcast done by two Christians and a Seeker. I’ve had a very few folks question this over the years… and I’m sure my worst critics are those who haven’t even let themselves be known. The criticism would be why haven’t I produced a Christian comedy podcast rather than just a clean one?

The answer is simple: I only do shows that I would want to listen to myself… and I don’t listen to Christian podcasts. Neither do folks who are not Christians.

I thought I would share some examples of the great ministry that goes on behind the scenes specifically of Nobody’s Listening Podcast. Not with the intention of defending myself, (only the guilty need do that) but as a way of sharing the joy I have experienced, and hopefully promoting the idea of just doing a great show rather than a great Christian show.

From an anonymous teen:

please dont read this on the show
if when you pray to god and you just say the same thing do you still pray???
plz get back to me when u can

I think prayers should be like conversations. When we talk to our parents or friends… do we say the same things? When you talk to God you can talk to him like a friend.

Sometimes it helps me to pray using a guide… Up, Out, In.

Up = I thank God for being there, and for anything he’s done in my life recently.
Out = I pray for those around me and the world.
In = I pray for my own needs and shortcomings.

Of course this isn’t THE way to pray… it’s just one possibility.

I hope that answers your question,


yea it dose


One gentleman goes from:

I’m an Atheist. I don’t think injecting God would help since it would be like trying to draw blood from a termite.


Whatever God has in store for me, I accept it.  I don’t pray for perfection.  I pray for peace, happiness, love


I’m a gamer and podcast geek, and found out about Nobodies Listening through ELR but kept putting off subscribing to the show until a few weeks ago.
Through that I heard about Geek Loves Nerd and downloaded that show the beginning of last week and listened to your last show today. Your shows have really inspired me to look to God more. I’m not ready to find a church yet and based on my childhood have a really warped view of Him and need a major healing in my heart in that area but I wanted you to know you have planted a seed through your podcast and I wanted to say thank you.


I just really appreciate the podcasts you put up and the fact that you are straight forward about your purpose it sure beats having to listen to someone who tries to be fake about everything or tries to change themselves for what other people want.


Even though I’m an atheist I still like the podcast. Keep it up


Just wanted to let you know that I am an atheist and enjoy your podcast


I am a pagan who really enjoys the podcast and I don’t mind you religion or it’s influence on the show, I like it.


I’m another pagan, and while I try not to hug too many trees, I really don’t own a wand.Or an owl, unfortunately. I call myself more a polytheist, though. I really don’t mind the Halleluiah’s of the show, it just makes it more unique to you.

Interesting story that happened recently, while waiting for the bus… I was standing under a shady area, by myself. Three girls came my way, they had crossed the road and headed in my direction. They stood in front of me, and at first I thought "Oh Crap, they’re going to trip me and steal my bags" – instead, they asked about me, where I came from, where I worked and then offered to pray for me, because I looked sad.

Then I thought, with this recession, who isn’t? If I were someone else I would’ve told them: (in Norwegia accent) "I’ve got news forrr Youuuu… I’m not a Kreeest-chian!"  But I said "Sure! Do we hold hands?" They laughed, shocked that I was probably the first that didn’t shoo them away as I later noticed that they were offering to do this to others along the trail. One girl was almost nervous in putting her hands on my shoulder and I told her not to worry, I wasn’t going to burst into flames. I actually felt fantastic after that. 😀 I decided that the prayer should go to my mom, as she needed them more than me.