Memory Verses in Service

Scripture ManHow do you use the typical Memory Verse in your service? Do you use a Scripture Puppet? Memory Games? I’m interested because I’m calling into question everything I’ve ever learned about using a Memory Verse in a Children’s Church service.

Though I can get them to regurgitate the verse moments after they’ve repeated it with a puppet character 5 times, kids are not going to remember the verse a 5 minutes later. I feel like I’m using short-term memory techniques to teach long-term memorization. It doesn’t work in this setting.

From working with my own 3 year old daughter I’ve learned that kids will remember defined key words, definitions and concepts long-term using these same techniques. I’m in the process of reworking this segment in my own service. I still want it to be an entertaining and funny segment but I also to know that they have learned something.

I’m going to focus on the point of the verse rather than the English of the verse.

Your thoughts?

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