I’ve Written A Book: Bad Hero


Hello gentle readers. I realize that I have not added anything to the site since mid February. I have been distracted by a new obsession lately. That obsession is writing. The past several months I’ve written Bible Stuff articles and let out some inner stuff about Depression and the patterns of Church Culture, but now I’m on to brighter and possibly more productive expressions.

I have written a 36,400 word novel for pre-teens (8-12, it’s called Middle Grade) called Bad Hero

Bad Hero is the story of 12 year-old Joses Cardner who along with his best friend Clovis finds a golden pin that when worn gives him a limited set of superpowers. The pin enhances his already sharp mind and helps him overcome bullies and navigate life as the 2nd shortest 6th grader in his school. Things are complicated and dreams are crushed when Joses finds that the pin actually belongs to a local Enhanced Hero known as Doctor Superior who has gone missing.

Did the pin choose Joses or did it fall out of the sky at random? Was Joses chosen to be the next Enhanced or was his exposure to enhanced powers just one more of life’s cruel twists? Can Joses do what is right making the sacrifice needed to see the pin returned to it’s rightful owner? Why does doing right feel so wrong? Is there a reason?

It’s a story about the value of selflessness and sacrifice in heroes and middle schoolers alike. It will be enjoyed by pre-teens and anyone who enjoys superhero fiction. with a little sci-fi and a lot of heart.

My goal is to get the book published traditionally with a real publishing company, but realistically I will most likely end up releasing it myself digitally. We’ll see.

If you’d like to support the book, stay up to date on the progress, get access to preview chapters and eventually be notified when the book is available go and Like Bad Hero on Faceboook then submit your email address to be the first to know when it’s released.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to your support!

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