In Church, I Draw Buzz Lightyear

**Edit** I realized today that these should count toward my goal of 365 Buzz Artworks. I have added the proper numbering below.

Sketching has always been a way to help me pay attention when someone is speaking, training or teaching. Now that I’m on the receiving end of the Sunday Sermon I’ve found that sketching on the iPad is just what the doctor ordered. So every Sunday service usually results in a new Buzz Lightyear drawing.

Here are the latest.

Buzz 251: Dark and Mysterious Buzz


Buzz 252: Big Teeth Buzz


Buzz 253: Sly Guy Buzz


Buzz 254: Unfinished Digital Painting


Buzz 255: Minecraft Style Buzz


Buzz 256: Weird Eyes Scribble Buzz


Buzz 257: Obviously Annoyed Buzz


Buzz 258: Buzz Arm


Hope you have enjoyed the fruits of my attempts to stay awake in church over the past several weeks.

Do you draw? Link me to your work in the comments!

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