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  • About MMDCast – Made My Day


    About Made My Day

    “…anything that makes you feel has to the most important thing in your life, because it’s the only thing that can save you.” – Siobhan Fahey on depression.

    Made My Day (MMDCast) is a weekly, positive-thinking audio podcast featuring husband & wife team, James & Jennifer Kennison. Every week they share their MMD moments along with inspiring, humorous, and often useful commentary.

    After having their lives drastically altered by James’ depression, anxiety and bi-polarism, Made My Day became the first podcast James started after things started turning around. After 26 episodes Jennifer joined the show they navigate the aftermath of depression. Now helping one another to notice the little things that give each day value and finding that a positive outlook is more important than ever.

    Though this show will be of benefit for the depressed person, everyone will benefit from noticing and appreciating the little miracles that are so easily taken for granted and forgotten.

    So SubscribeFollow, Like, Submit and Listen! Thanks for joining us on our journey.


    About James & Jennifer

    Married since 1996. Two children. James was a minister for 13 years. Jenn is a CPA.