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  • June 2011

    Today I wanted to make a Buzz from a four-leaf clover. I didn’t know if he would be in the shape of a clover or what. Turns out the clover makes a pretty decent chest plate.

    This Buzz says, “Bród Éireannach!”

    I sketched this on the back of my children’s church service during my breakfast one Irish morning. Nothing exciting.

    This Buzz says, “You’d think we’d have seen the Solo Cup Buzz by now.”


    Ireland is exactly everything you imagine it is supposed to look like. It’s so green, the rain is so beautiful… even the old buildings are classic and retro.

    This Buzz says, “I’m down here… look at me… hello!”

    If you ask for French Fries in Ireland they’ll just look at you with a blank stare. You have to request Chips… and if you think you’re getting Potato Chips… then you’d be wrong. Those are called Crisps. You learn these things while on the pitch holding a spanner waiting for someone to move your groceries in a trolley.

    This Buzz says, “Their Ketchup tastes like vinegar?”

    Done in Photoshop while in Ireland.

    This Buzz says, “STIMPY YOU FOOL!!!”

    This was done in Photoshop with a few Irish onlookers. They are so friendly they just came up and started asking me questions about photoshop and if I gave tutorials.

    This Buzz says, “No, not really.”

    This was done on my kid’s service notes on my first day in Ireland. My room was so simple, but so great. The sun was shining right through the window onto the bed. So not only is this a Buzz drawing, but a nod to the beauty in Ireland. It truly is the Emerald Isle.

    This Buzz says, “When do I get to enjoy that pillow?”

    This is my first update from Ireland. I’m online through a very kind man’s shared wifi through his Android phone. Today’s Buzz reflects how I felt after 16 hours of flying.

    This Buzz says, “I can’t sleep sitting up.”

    Today’s Buzz started as a carved pumpkin from Disney World. I redrew it, modified it, printed it out, traced it onto card stock and then cut it out. I grabbed a can of spray paint and started looking around for something to tag. My wife noticed the look in my eyes and started following me around the house. I asked if I could tag the washing machine. She said no. She did let me tag the garage wall, which you see above. Turned out pretty cool… so I grabbed my laptop (dubbed the “Crappy Lappy”) and tagged it as well.


    Here’s the stencil I used.

    This Buzz says, “I’m all underground like Banksy!”

    Just FYI the next 10 Buzz updates will be from foreign shores. I’m headed out to Ireland to do a Christian kid’s camp. I’ve been told that I will have internet access so the updates should continue as normal. But even if they don’t you can trust that I will still be creating daily Buzzes (from the Emerald Isle) and will be posting them upon my return. Peace!

    Weird how much my boy changes with just one eye.

    This Buzz says, “I can’t tell how far away you are!”