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  • September 2010

    help-1400x1400This month we’re clearing out the in-box answering your submitted questions about volunteers, delegation, administration, outreach ideas, moving to a new ministry position and positions for youth to help in kids church.

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    One of our listeners, Gordon, recently sent in the following question:

    “I was wondering if you have any ideas that could help get volunteers out of a small congregation (80-100) to help out consistently.”

    I wanted to share my response with the rest of you.

    Getting your pastor on board is the biggest thing. If it is his passion to get volunteers, it’ll become the church’s passion to provide them.

    Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers. God loves these kids more than you do… put it to him! If he wants these kids properly ministered too… then he’ll have to provide the help!

    Remember to be faithful with what you have. It’s easy to get bitter and angry with parents, choir members, pew sitters and the like. They’re all too easy to get angry at when you’re stressed but God has promised that if we’re faithful over little that he’ll make us masters over much. Complaining or bitterness will ruin it so don’t grow weary in your well doing!

    The right people are worth waiting for. We can be tempted to fill the positions we have with whoever we can find to fill them. But I don’t want bodies … I want hearts. I want people that God has called. People God has called don’t quit after 2 weeks. They don’t leave you hanging. You don’t have to wonder if they’ll show up this week. AND… the only thing worse than having no workers is having the wrong workers. Ministry is not dealing with drama, gossip and issues with your workers… it’s what you do when that stuff isn’t an issue. While you wait for the right people, just trust that God is perfecting them, preparing them for the day they will serve with you in HIS ministry.

    17 – All My Podcasts

    September 18, 2010 · 0 comments


    Talking about mixers and podcasts and such.


    For a while now I’ve wanted to create my own Vacuum-based offering machine… ever since I saw them pop up on CMConnect.org. The only thing that kept me from making my own was the doubt that I could find the right materials and be able to cobble them together in a way that would be air tight and still look presentable.

    The idea is that you can increase your kids ministry offering by having the kids trade their coins for rubber bounce balls. Then at offering time they come forward and the offering machine sucks up the balls. The machine has a clear tank so the kids see their offering go inside. Fun right? Yes!
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    16 – Half-Sister

    September 11, 2010 · 1 comment


    Talking about meeting my half-sister for the first time ever.