The Very Last Room, a Christmas Story by James Kennison

Do you need a story, illustrated sermon, or object lesson for your Christmas, Christmas Eve or Candlelight Service? How about for Children’s Church or Youth Group? I’d like to suggest my original Christmas story, “The Very Last Room” that I wrote for my own Christmas Eve service.

What would you do if your family had taken the very last room in Bethlehem… just before the holy family arrived? This story follows a young boy and his family on their way to Bethlehem to be taxed. They end up taking the very last room available in the city forcing Mary and Joseph to take the stable out back. You’ll love how this story comes together and the strong evangelistic message it shares. The story is fully illustrated and stylized to fit the time period, but with a modern twist.

For only $20 you’llĀ get a zip file containing a pdf of my original story “The Very Last Room” and a all of the the illustrations. The story is scripted to match with the slide show as you tell the story to your family, class, church, or children’s group.

Purchase The Very Last Room on my Etsy page.

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