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  • Using Jumps In Your Service (Free Video Clips)

    December 30, 2008 · 9 comments

    I do these things called Jumps in my services… always have. Since I stared using the High Voltage Kids Ministry Curriculum I’ve been creating custom Jumps and wanted to share them.

    Jumps are short video clips you can use to break up your service. I use them to help with transitions between segments. All of the Jumps require a response from the crowd and end with all attention focused on the leader.

    There are three sets currently available for download. These clips are free, but you could send a $1 donation per zip file to my paypal (pastorjk@gmail.com) if you’d like.

    I hope these are of use to you. If you have questions or comments I’d love to hear from you!

    Here are instructions:

    JAM City Jumps

    • Pigeons – Kids duck their heads and cover them with their hands. First team down wins.
    • Stick Um Up! – Kids raise their hands and freeze their bodies and mouths. First team frozen wins.
    • Twister! – Kids stand and spin around. Leader says “Amen”. Kids sit. First team back in their seats focused wins.

    Download JAM City Jumps Video Clips

    P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) Jumps

    • Pray! – Group bows head. First team down wins.
    • Push! – Kids stand, put hands palms out in front of them and freeze. First team frozen wins.
    • Praise! – Stand with hands up, spinning, say “Woo!” (call amen when done) First team back in seat wins.

    Download PUSH Jumps Video Clips

    Alien Kids Jumps

    • Blast off! – Kids jump up with fists in the air and freeze. First team frozen wins.
    • Freeze Ray! – Kids freeze in crazy poses. First team frozen wins.
    • Shields Up! – Kids stand and face the back of the room. First team turned wins.

    Download Alien Kids Jumps Video Clips

    BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) Jumps

    • Boing! – Kids jump up and down until you say “Amen”. First team back in seats and focused wins.
    • Gasp! – Kids open mouths and put hands on their cheeks (think Home Alone). First team to do it wins.
    • March! – Kids march in place until you say “Amen”. First team back in seats and focused wins.
    • Clap! – Kids clap (and cheer if you wish). Loudest team wins.
    • (Note that they spell BGMC)

    Download BGMC Jumps Video Clips

    • Chuck

      I have been very blessed by your web site and podcast. I noticed you used Jumps while using the High Voltage Curriculum. I was wandering how do you make Jumps and what your thoughts are on the H.V.C.? We will start using it this spring.

      Thank you

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    • Amy

      How do I make these work? What do I need to run them on? I tried to open with flip4mac but it didn’t work!

      • admin

        I’m a PC and they’re in WMV format (windows media video). Sorry. If I can find the original files I could export them to mov.

    • Brittany

      Just started listening to your podcast and am working from the oldest to newest…heard about the jumps and they seem like a very cool way to refocus the kids. I’m curious how you initially introduced them so that the kids know what to do when they see them. I’m a newbie to children’s ministry and your podcast has been extremely helpful. Thanks!

      • admin

        We review the jumps every week right after the Rules & Regs. We change them up every new series and the kids love reviewing them each week.

    • Meschel

      I’d like to try out your “jumps.” I’m curious, when you say the first team to complete the motion wins, how do you reward the team that wins?

      Thanks! I’m enjoying your podcast:) Thanks for sharing!!

      • admin

        We award points to the teams. Team with the most points at the end of service wins the “Trophy of Spam” which basically boils down to bragging rights for the week. Winning team also gets double (candy) prizes after service.

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