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  • help-1400x1400This first installment of our new weekly mini-casts focuses on redefining discipline with a God-centered viewpoint.

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    Nine out of 10 parents have heard their parents swear in front of them, according to research.

    This article and study is from the UK, but are we in the States any better?

    Nine out of 10 parents swear in front of children [via telegraph.co.uk]


    There are approximately 20 million podcasts available for download across the world. Most of them are probably crap. For many, that’s okay. They just want the experience of doing a podcast, they don’t really care about the listener. But for many of us, though we don’t have the greatest equipment and resources, we want to sound like we do. Since we’re poor and ill-equipped we have to find more creative ways (read: cheaper) to pull off that professional air we’re going for. Here are a few tips that I give when someone asks me how to help their podcast stand out from the crowd. [click to continue…]

    pastorswifeonlyThis month I interview my wife Jennifer about the transition into ministry, church expectations and ways we pastors can protect our spouses as they support us.

    Resources mentioned in the show:

    Get more of James and Jenn on their weekly podcast, Geek Loves Nerd!


    I do these things called Jumps in my services… always have. Since I stared using the High Voltage Kids Ministry Curriculum I’ve been creating custom Jumps and wanted to share them.

    Jumps are short video clips you can use to break up your service. I use them to help with transitions between segments. All of the Jumps require a response from the crowd and end with all attention focused on the leader.

    There are three sets currently available for download. These clips are free, but you could send a $1 donation per zip file to my paypal (pastorjk@gmail.com) if you’d like.

    I hope these are of use to you. If you have questions or comments I’d love to hear from you!

    Here are instructions:

    JAM City Jumps

    • Pigeons – Kids duck their heads and cover them with their hands. First team down wins.
    • Stick Um Up! – Kids raise their hands and freeze their bodies and mouths. First team frozen wins.
    • Twister! – Kids stand and spin around. Leader says “Amen”. Kids sit. First team back in their seats focused wins.

    Download JAM City Jumps Video Clips

    P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) Jumps

    • Pray! – Group bows head. First team down wins.
    • Push! – Kids stand, put hands palms out in front of them and freeze. First team frozen wins.
    • Praise! – Stand with hands up, spinning, say “Woo!” (call amen when done) First team back in seat wins.

    Download PUSH Jumps Video Clips

    Alien Kids Jumps

    • Blast off! – Kids jump up with fists in the air and freeze. First team frozen wins.
    • Freeze Ray! – Kids freeze in crazy poses. First team frozen wins.
    • Shields Up! – Kids stand and face the back of the room. First team turned wins.

    Download Alien Kids Jumps Video Clips

    BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) Jumps

    • Boing! – Kids jump up and down until you say “Amen”. First team back in seats and focused wins.
    • Gasp! – Kids open mouths and put hands on their cheeks (think Home Alone). First team to do it wins.
    • March! – Kids march in place until you say “Amen”. First team back in seats and focused wins.
    • Clap! – Kids clap (and cheer if you wish). Loudest team wins.
    • (Note that they spell BGMC)

    Download BGMC Jumps Video Clips

    I loved this comic

    October 27, 2008 · 0 comments


    Reminds me of my own kids.

    Click to make it big.

    James is joined by guest-host Austin who poses the question, “What’s the goal of Children’s Ministry?”

    Email cmmonthly@gmail.com for your chance to win 12 cd’s of animated clipart from AnimationFactory.com

    Vote for CMMontly at PodcastAwards.com every day!

    Resources mentioned on the show:


    I Love ScoreKeeper 2

    September 17, 2008 · 0 comments

    I recently had the honor of working with KidzTurn Labs (and by working, I mean emailing and nagging) in influencing the creation of some awesome score keeping software called Score Keeper 2.

    If you keep score for teams (boys vs girls or Team 1, Team 2, etc) and have a video projection system, this is a MUST HAVE.

    I’ve been wishing for something like this for years… I always had an idea of what it would do to the kids to know their standings in real time, but I couldn’t imagine how much excitement it brings to the service.

    We have our group divided into 5 teams (by grade 1st through 5th) and so having up to 6 teams is great. The scores can be placed anywhere on the screen and will stay on top of your powerpoint or media shout presentations. I use it with SongShow Plus with no troubles at all.

    I urge you to check it out Score Keeper 2 – It’s only $10 through the end of September!!

    Last year I created a series of fun images to announce our Trunk Or Treat. If any of you can make use of it… feel free.

    You’ll find the ppt file and a txt file with the announcement that I used. You’ll note that there are two blank slides at the end that you can use to add your own date, time and contact info.

    [Trunk or Treat PowerPoint]

    This month I’m joined by Thomas, a ‘rookie’ Children’s Pastor from Texas and we’re talking about the dread you can sometimes feel when it’s time to ask your volunteers to take on some of what you’re doing. How much can you ask them to do? Aren’t I getting paid to do this stuff? They have a full-time job already!

    These questions answered and more!

    Resources mentioned on the show:

    Be sure to call in or email in your comments! (206) 600-5704 – cmmonthly@gmail.com