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  • 36 – Worth It

    June 11, 2014 · 6 comments


    This time I’m going on and on about my problems with self-centered, consumer based churches and christian mentalities.





    • HOLY CRAP! I’m 4 minutes into this and am already loving it!

      Too much of the church focus is on Sunday Mornings, when really, that’s more about “listen to what the pastor has to say” than it is about “the gathering together of the saints.” Nothing against listening to good teachers, but there’s more to it than that.

      The thing about churches being a community (or as one friend calls them, a club), where their focus is on perpetuating the survival of the organization more than anything else, has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

      That said, I hate feeling like I’m being overly critical of the church. I don’t have any strong feelings against the church, but looking at things objectively, I see lots of opportunity for improvement and refocus in the typical church structure.

      Okay… I’d better listen to more than 4 minutes now.

    • It was very moving hearing your thoughts because we have been experiencing similar things after stepping down at our church. We still attend there but definitely have some strong opinions on how things go on a weekly basis. Your thoughts on the Holy Spirit and tongues should be required listening for all Pentecostal ministry leaders. If we’re weird and freaky we’re misusing the gifts of the spirit. I felt like I was listening to a ministry leadership training podcast. This affected me greatly. Thanks for being candid and real.

      • admin

        Making that transition from “behind the curtain” to in front is a weird mess. One thing I forgot to mention in the podcast when I was talking about things in the early church that don’t fit was “Confessing Our Sins One To Another”. Not even in small groups is that socially acceptable or welcome. I’m not saying something’s wrong as much as I’m saying something just not right!

    • Lots of great nuggets throughout the whole episode. I listened to all 59 minutes… worth it.

      • admin

        It definitely went longer than I expected. Thanks for the feedback. I’m sure on a broader stage this would not be a popular message.

    • Hi James! Lots to think about in this one. About a year ago, our family left a church we had attended for almost 20 years. It has grown a lot over the past 10 years, moving to a larger building, and my wife and son in particular were getting lost in the crowd. I am not proud to say that my wife was feeling the need for a change more than I was. Now we’re in a smaller church, still working on building relationships but hopeful that it’s possible. Thanks for the reminders and recommendations in here about tithing, the reason for church and the other topics. We don’t have to agree on our answer to these questions, but we should struggle with them and find God’s direction for our lives.

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