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  • 20 – It’s Okay To Be Broken – Made My Day

    July 9, 2014 · 2 comments

    ep-20-its-okay-to-be-brokenMy wife knows me better than I know myself… and accepts me more than I accept myself.


    This week we’re celebrating:

    • Having the Titchenals on Nobody’s Listening EP 220
    • Got no shipping, no tax on a pop filter
    • Got a bike
    • Jenn is amazed that I can turn a bad mood around
    • Fixed a ticking noise in my computer – huge issues but made it through
    • Nearly eaten by a poodle but wasn’t
    • Recorded Girl Meets World and Podcast Kid with Jenna
    • I’m recording Grateful Kid with my son J
    • My kids tried to hire one another
    • Missy’s vine of her singing the old JAM City theme song
    • “Oh my God” “I think you mean oh MY God” “Oh your God!”
    • John paid up for the “belfie” I posted as my Facebook profile pic
    • I got my own room over the Fourth of July
    • The Internet is my security blanket… and having it away from home made me feel at home
    • Going on the Fourth of July trip was a huge step. Being there to fix things, to drive through storms, for the kid’s hugs, etc
    • It’s okay to be broken… I’m loved no matter what
    • I’m going to start a sermon podcast
    • Came up with a name for my new movie podcast.
    • Ira Glass video from my friend Paul about writing.
    • I’ve been added to speak on a Podcast panel at Dragoncon
    • Installed windshield washer fluid pump on my car
    • Got up early today – Got blood work done
    • Recorded episode 2 of Grateful Kid, another Podcast Kid and this show!


    • jsmunroe

      There are three levels of pod-cast listeners:

      Level 3: Listeners who casually listen to one or more shows that might spark their interest but don’t stick around.

      Level 2: Listeners who listen regularly to a podcast, but if they miss a show they let it go in order to stay current.

      Level 1: Listeners who listen regularly but get behind because they have to listen to every episode.

      I’m currently a level 1 listener to this podcast which is why I am writing this so late. I just wanted to say that Ira Glass is a guy on public broadcasting that hosts a program called “This American Life”. I’ve only heard it once or twice.

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