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  • 18 – So So So Allsome – Made My Day

    June 18, 2014 · 0 comments

    ep-18-so-so-so-allsomeMy son expresses his feelings for me in a hand-made Father’s Day card… and it is allsome!


    This week we’re celebrating:

    • Jenna found a friend at Swim Team.
    • Son is swimming with no fear.
    • Did free show art for “Talkin’ Bout my Generation” podcast.
    • Saw Girl Meets World.
    • Zeke sent me a picture of a Buzz Lightyear hermit crab!
    • Got my window put in… instead of $500… $50!
    • Cleaned my office – Shot a Studio Tour Video.
    • Jewel’s got a boyfriend.
    • Worship at little church – feeling the presence of God so easily.
    • Jenna sends J in to say, “I want some Fro-Yo” Attacks ensue.
    • Went back to little church for pm service to make the pastor’s day.
    • Jenna came with me. Why? “I just like spending time with you!”
    • Swim Meet girl swims out early, then back. Then all the way, then back.
    • Father’s Day cards make me feel allsome!
    • Recording with Jenna for our first podcast in quite a while.
    • This Sunday’s take-away: “If a son sins against his father… is he still his father’s son?” “Yes!”
    • Picking on my wife for not buying Buzz Hoodie.
    • Recording Our Depression Story with Jenn
    • Plus MMD’s from Hannah, Anthony, Aaron, and Bri.

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