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    My son J. is a pretty smart kid. He’s great at math, reading, telling time and he learned to ride his bike on the second push. But being six years-old he is prone to misunderstand things here and there, especially when it comes to his seat work. He’s always good for a kid story.

    Last week he brought home the following paper:



    Hilarious right? He did exactly what was asked. He added a car to the train. I didn’t even say anything to him. I just snapped the picture and shared it on Twitter and Facebook as soon as I could.

    A funny little kindergarten misunderstanding, right? I didn’t think he would ever outdo that one.

    Then today he hands me the following paper:


    Though there are a couple of regular cars drawn in I was thrilled to see the little box cars in the upper-right corner. I realized that these instructions said “box cars” rather than just “cars” and assumed he had read the instructions, understood and followed them. That meant that the first paper’s instructions were to blame. I could put my son back into the genius category that every proud parent is sure their child belongs.

    Then J. explains what I’m looking at.

    “That was the hardest one,” he says quite exasperated. “It was hard to fit them all in ’cause I had to draw six cars and six boxes.”

    They considered this take a failure… but the messups are my favorite part!


    The Made My Day Podcast (or MMDCast for short) is a positive thinking podcast on the NLCast Network of podcasts featuring your host, me, James Kennison. On this show we talk about things that make my day…. and yours.

    This show is important because I am in recovery from a dark bout with depression… and there was a large period of time where I couldn’t feel anything good much less think anything good. I was literally unable to enjoy anything.

    I stumbled upon this quote while looking for helpful quotes on depression:

    “…anything that makes you feel has to the most important thing in your life, because it’s the only thing that can save you.” – Siobhan Fahey

    I don’t know who Siobhan Fahey is… but all Truth is God’s Truth. So, because I’ve had so many bad days, I’m going to help myself by focusing on the things that make each day worthwhile. The little things that give each day value. They’re little, tiny, and wonderful. They’re the things that make me feel. I want to share them with you.

    That being said, though this show will be of benefit for the depressed person, it is not a show for depressed persons only. Everyone will benefit from noticing and appreciating the little miracles in our lives that are so easily taken for granted.

    So SubscribeFollowLikeSubmit and Listen! Thanks for joining me on this journey. I can’t wait to see the new online friends this show will attract!