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    And we’re back again! James shares a simple way to take the guesswork out of your volunteer placement, tracking, and needs. Plus a new show format, phone number and more!

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    Kids Camp Games

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    I wrote this up for one of my Children’s Church Volunteers so I thought I’d share it here.

    Here’s how I do Illustrations

    1. Start with the main point and find a sub-point that needs to be illustrated. (ie: Putting God first is a daily choice.)
    2. I make sure that my point is true (back-able by scripture and/or common sense), applicable to any age-group anywhere in the world.
    3. I make a final, complete statement of my point: (ie: We must choose to put God first daily by choosing to obey God.)
    4. I find an everyday situation, item, or whatever that kids can relate to that naturally represents the same idea. (ie: eating healthy is a choice, getting ready for school but allowing video games to make you late, dedication to a sport requires sacrifice)
    5. Work that illustration into a lesson. Sometimes I talk about the biblical truth, then illustrate. Sometimes I lead with the illustration and then draw parallels to the point. What works best is to mix them both… then have a quick, concise ending that punches them with the desired response. (ie: Putting God first is a daily thing… every day we must choose to obey God and follow his ways, no matter what.)
    6. After I’m done I make sure I’m saying what I want to say. I view it from the child’s perspective. Will they ‘get’ it?

    My rule is, “Don’t start with the object, start with the lesson”. “Don’t teach the object… use the object to teach the lesson”.

    07 – Attitude Check

    April 23, 2008 · 5 comments

    We’re back! James tackles the topic of discouragement, and it’s sources, solo this month. Get ready for our new co-host, Lead Pastor Jon Beckett next month!

    Check out Geek Loves Nerd Podcast.

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    help-1400x1400James and Dave discuss what does and does not work in communicating with families and your congregation plus a few creative ways to get your message out.

    What creative communication devices have you concocted? Share won’t you?

    http://www.surveymonkey.com – Survey Site

    http://drawyouapicture.com – James’ art site.


    storage.jpgJames and Dave discuss ways to make the most of your storage space and shared classrooms.

    Call us: 206-350-4695
    Email us: cmmonthly@gmail.com

    Thanks to our sponsor Children’s Ministry University Online! They provide fully accredited, quality children’s ministry training, anywhere, anytime. Check them out!

    Podcasts mentioned:


    help-1400x1400It’s all about the things we’ve learned and wish someone had warned us about this episode. We hit on things like conflict, relationship, delegation, preparation, and more. Thanks Drew and Vance for your input!

    Thanks to our sponsor Children’s Ministry University Online! They provide fully accredited, quality children’s ministry training, anywhere, anytime. Check them out! Podcasts Mentioned:

    How I Podcast – Folks have been asking how we do what we do. Check the link for an article. Episode 5 will be called “No Storage!!” and will focus on ideas and creativity when it comes to classroom issues and lack of storage. Your input is more than welcome! Email your tips and ideas to cmmonthly@gmail.com or call in at 206-350-4695.



    This month we focus on some common and not-so-common teaching methods. We also add some of the how-to’s and why-do’s we’re known for. Listen till the end for some Halloween alternative ideas as well.

    We mentioned several online resources on the show:


    Dave also offered a list of his “Fear Factor” style games: Right click and select Save As – Download. (Word doc)

    James referenced a slide show he created. It can be found here. (Powerpoint)

    Next month we’re covering the topic “Things I wish someone had told me“. We’d like to get your input! Email or call us!



    02 – Discipline

    August 24, 2007 · 2 comments


    This month we’re looking at the real meaning of Discipline. Most folks hear ‘discipline’ and think a strict, military-style encounter… but God’s view is quite different. Join James & Dave as they cover the what’s, why’s and how’s of Godly discipline in Children’s Ministry.

    Your input is always welcome. Email us your questions, tips & suggestions to cmmonthly (at) gmail (dot) com.

    **Update** Make sure you check out the 8-part Mini-Cast Series on Proper Discipline in Children’s Ministry.


    Well hello there! It’s our first ever episode of Children’s Ministry Monthly Podcast and we couldn’t be more surprised that it worked out thrilled! Children’s Ministry Monthly will be a monthly podcast focusing on the needs of normal, everyday children’s ministers. This includes pastors, lay-ministers, and volunteers.

    Your hosts are James Kennison & Dave White. James is a children’s pastor in Kansas City, Missouri and David serves as children’s pastor in Macon, Georgia. Check the About Us page for more info.

    This month we’re focusing on Releasing Volunteers to do ministry. We can’t do it all ourselves… and God doesn’t want us to. Though delegating is hard work (often harder than just doing it yourself) is is mandatory for us to share the blessings of ministry to children with others in our churches.

    This podcast will always emphasis and depend on your input. We’d like to know what topics you’d like to hear discussed. What ideas, resources and input do you have to share? What questions would you like to bounce off your hosts and their audience? You can send such input to our email address: cmmonthly@gmail.com or call the Howl-line at 206-350-HOWL (4695).

    We’d also like to keep this blog updated with occasional ideas, articles, websites and other resources. If you have something you’d like to share just email it to us!

    Till next month…