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  • Help! I’m A Children’s Pastor

    We have a listener who’s looking for English and Spanish curriculum that is in sync with one another. She currently uses Gospel Publishing House curriculum, but she’s found that the English and Spanish versions don’t teach the same thing for the same Sundays.

    I find myself in charge of the nursery-High School ministries at the Hispanic Ministry at our church. I am starting from scratch. We have been using Gospel Publishing House curriculum for Sunday School because they have Spanish material, but the English and Spanish are not parallel. do you know of anyone who has parallel curriculum?

    Anyone out there have a English/Spanish curriculum solution for her? Leave your answers in the comments.

    help-1400x1400This episode we look at how to build a children’s sermon and service from the ground up. Whether you’re using curriculum or starting from scratch it can be difficult to keep your kid’s attention while preaching a children’s sermon. The tips in this podcast will help you from start to finish.

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    I promised these a while back. Sorry it took so long!

    These were made from door panels.

    31 – Letting Go

    May 30, 2011 · 0 comments

    help-1400x1400How do we respond when a gifted volunteer says goodbye?

    We also talk about how to handle reporting suspected child abuse, board members and “stupid good guys”.

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    I know it’s been February since we’ve done a show… but real life gets busy and podcasting had to take a back seat. We’re slowly rolling out new content on most of our NLCast Network shows… and this one is on the list.

    Leave a comment with some topics or questions you’d like to have addressed and maybe we’ll get a show out sooner than later.

    God bless!

    30 – Stage Presence

    February 20, 2011 · 0 comments

    help-1400x1400Stage presence is one of the most important things a person speaking to children can have. It is equal parts entertainment, education and discipline. This week we look at stage presence and offer practical tips on how to improve your communication skills. We also look at several things not to do while on stage.

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    help-1400x1400Since our last show I’ve gotten a few questions on how to create countdowns, how to edit videos and audio clips and sound effects, so I hijacked this episode to share some of the resources I use for animated full-motion backgrounds, animated clip art, game sounds, background tracks and more. I share free software and other resources as well.

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    help-1400x1400Games don’t have to be wasted time. This week we discuss the role stage games play in a children’s service, how they can be used to teach, and how to use them effectively.


    Kid City Set Maquette

    December 9, 2010 · 4 comments

    I’m planning to build a light-weight, portable set for our children’s church. Portable and Light-Weight usually don’t go hand-in-hand with the words Sturdy and Long-lasting but that’s what I’m going for.

    This is the scale model I created from office supplies to see how everything would look before I started spending money.

    It was created to be broken down and packed in a closet each week. Each set of two panels fold back on themselves for transport. Even the steps break down into 7 small boards with no glue or nails.

    Instead of building traditional flats I’ll be using hollow core door panels or 2″ Styrofoam depending on which I can get cheaper.

    See the photo set of my Children’s Ministry Set Maquette on Flickr.

    Don’t miss “The Birthday Story“, another great story for Christmas Eve Services.

    Do you need a story, illustrated sermon, or object lesson for your Christmas, Christmas Eve or Candlelight Service? How about for Children’s Church or Youth Group? I’d like to suggest my original Christmas story, “The Very Last Room” that I wrote for my own Christmas Eve service.

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