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    Back in November I posted some photos of a custom check-in kiosk I was building for my children’s ministry. I’ve had quite a few requests for the plans. Unfortunately all I can find 6 months later are the print outs of the measured drawings I used for reference while building in the garage. I’ve photographed them and converted them into a PDF file you can easily download and print yourself. Keep in mind that these measurements may not be 100% accurate. They do not take into account the width 3/4″ MDF I used for instance. That being said, if you hand this to any sort of woodworker or handy man, he’ll be able to make sense of it.

    If you end up using these all I ask in return is a photo of your finished product.

    Kiosk Measured Drawings


    “The Birthday Story” is the Nativity Christmas Story as told by Mary to her young son, Jesus. Based on Luke 2:19 (“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”) The story comes from the perspective of Mary recalling the events that led to her son Jesus’ birth day.

    The audience thinks they’re hearing a modern day story… until various details reveal that this is a retelling of the Nativity from a different perspective. Children and adults will enjoy hearing about the trials of making a journey to Bethlehem on a donkey with a child on the way… and the hope a mother has for her son, the Messiah. Helps all ages remember that Jesus’ birth was real… and so is our reason for celebrating Jesus, not only on Christmas, but every day of the year.

    For only $10 I will send you a zip file containing a pdf of my original story “The Very Last Room” and a Powerpoint containing the illustrations. The story is scripted to match with the slide show as you tell the story to your family, class, church, or children’s group.

    Check out “The Very Last Room” another great Christmas Nativity story for your Christmas Eve Service.

    Don’t miss “The Birthday Story“, another great story for Christmas Eve Services.

    Do you need a story, illustrated sermon, or object lesson for your Christmas, Christmas Eve or Candlelight Service? How about for Children’s Church or Youth Group? I’d like to suggest my original Christmas story, “The Very Last Room” that I wrote for my own Christmas Eve service.

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    I just created three new Jumps for High Voltage Kids Curriculum and wanted to share them with you.

    • Click Bugs – Kids snap their fingers. Leader says “Amen”. Quietest team wins.
    • Cockroaches – Kids jump up into their chair. First team up wins. (Alternately kids can pull their feet off the floor.)
    • Grasshoppers – Kids jump up and down. Leader says “Amen”. First team sitting and focused wins.

    More info on Jumps, what they are and how to use them in your service.

    Download Bugs Jumps Video Clips

    I do these things called Jumps in my services… always have. Since I stared using the High Voltage Kids Ministry Curriculum I’ve been creating custom Jumps and wanted to share them.

    Jumps are short video clips you can use to break up your service. I use them to help with transitions between segments. All of the Jumps require a response from the crowd and end with all attention focused on the leader.

    There are three sets currently available for download. These clips are free, but you could send a $1 donation per zip file to my paypal (pastorjk@gmail.com) if you’d like.

    I hope these are of use to you. If you have questions or comments I’d love to hear from you!

    Here are instructions:

    JAM City Jumps

    • Pigeons – Kids duck their heads and cover them with their hands. First team down wins.
    • Stick Um Up! – Kids raise their hands and freeze their bodies and mouths. First team frozen wins.
    • Twister! – Kids stand and spin around. Leader says “Amen”. Kids sit. First team back in their seats focused wins.

    Download JAM City Jumps Video Clips

    P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) Jumps

    • Pray! – Group bows head. First team down wins.
    • Push! – Kids stand, put hands palms out in front of them and freeze. First team frozen wins.
    • Praise! – Stand with hands up, spinning, say “Woo!” (call amen when done) First team back in seat wins.

    Download PUSH Jumps Video Clips

    Alien Kids Jumps

    • Blast off! – Kids jump up with fists in the air and freeze. First team frozen wins.
    • Freeze Ray! – Kids freeze in crazy poses. First team frozen wins.
    • Shields Up! – Kids stand and face the back of the room. First team turned wins.

    Download Alien Kids Jumps Video Clips

    BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) Jumps

    • Boing! – Kids jump up and down until you say “Amen”. First team back in seats and focused wins.
    • Gasp! – Kids open mouths and put hands on their cheeks (think Home Alone). First team to do it wins.
    • March! – Kids march in place until you say “Amen”. First team back in seats and focused wins.
    • Clap! – Kids clap (and cheer if you wish). Loudest team wins.
    • (Note that they spell BGMC)

    Download BGMC Jumps Video Clips

    I found a list of free apps over at KidzTurn Labs.

    Play hangman on screen or download a free timer.