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  • Buzz 259: I Made A Giant Minecraft Buzz Lightyear Sculpture

    October 30, 2013 · 10 comments

    **UPDATE** Giant Buzz Lightyear Music Video!!!!!

    A while back I decided to attempt to make a large enough Buzz Lightyear shoe that I could add the tread detail on the bottom. Quickly the shoe turned into nearly an entire leg.


    Last night I decided to finish this giant leg out with what turned out to be the biggest thing I’ve ever constructed in Minecraft.


    This Buzz is 100% original. No patterns or blueprints… just me looking at pictures and toys that I own.


    This joker is just 1 block under 90 blocks tall. I estimate it took me a long time to do this.





    Feel free to leave your comments about how much of a waste of time this wonderful thing was below.


    • How about a giant candy corn?

      • You gotta think ahead man. Giant Turkey Leg for Thanksgiving.

        • James’friendlyatheistpal

          Pilgrim Buzz please 😀

    • Adam Bentele-Edwards

      This is pretty cool. Pretty impressive.

    • Adam Bentele-Edwards

      This is pretty cool. Pretty impressive.

    • Jani

      That turned out really cool!

    • Janusz

      That turned out really cool!

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