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  • 50 – My Confederate Flag Experience

    July 11, 2015 · 4 comments


    From my very first encounter with the Confederate Flag it has symbolized just one thing. You might be surprised what this Southern-born American thinks. Plus a few words on the typical Christian response to the things happening in the world.





    • Great insights! The confederate flag is an enigma to a west coaster like me, so much of my reaction to it is basically trying to sift between different southerners’ experience with it. As I said elsewhere, you can’t argue that it’s associated with rednecks more than anything. But rednecks are also frequently associated with racism, so there’s that.

      The immigration thing is a tough situation. I totally agree that if I was dealing with the poverty in Mexico, of COURSE I would want to hop the boarder to a better place. I don’t have anything against the people who are just trying to provide for their families, and I also know our current immigration system is ridiculously time-consuming and expensive, and just not a reasonable option for many impoverished Mexicans. Unfortunately, the solution some people leap to is terrible: just have a free-for-all of anyone who wants to hop the boarder. There’ve been several cases in my area where illegal immigrants who had been deported multiple times came back and committed acts of murder. You just can’t run a country where there’s NO security on the boarders.

      And here in California, in many cases illegal immigrants have more rights than native residents: no ID required for licenses at the DMV, no income taxes, etc. If I were a LEGAL immigrant who’d gone through the process and expense of going about things legally, I’d be pretty P.O.’d! But again, that’s not ma ‘n’ pa Hernandez’s fault. They’re being given a way in, so of course they’re taking it. But so are many criminals who aren’t being blocked at the border because it’s not PC.

      Everyone talks about either opening the boarders and giving citizenship to everyone who enters, or securing the boarders and shooting anyone who tries to hop over. Hardly anyone talks about improving our actual immigration system, which is the only way we can retain our actual nation AND continue to be a refuge for others.

      That’s the political solution. The Christian solution is to love people on an individual level, regardless of whether they’re here legally or not.

      • I truly agree that we need those laws. I just know that nobody’s trippin’ about Canada’s border. That’s because Canada’s not rife with poor families trying to survive. That’s because they don’t have a governmental system filled with corruption. Therefore I might argue that we need to do LESS on immigration issues and MORE on helping Mexico to become a country people want to stay in!

    • FYI, Trayvon was shot one time, FWIW. You may have been thinking of Michael Brown.

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