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  • 37 – Reboot!

    October 25, 2012 · 1 comment

    help-1400x1400Hey folks! We’re switching things up at Help! I’m A Children’s Pastor. It’s been long enough that we’re doing a Reboot! Listen and be introduced to our new co-host Pastor John Steinklauber to the show. John’s a brand new Children’s Pastor though he’s not new to ministry. Listen to the show for all the details. Send in your comments and questions for Ep 38!

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    • Mandi

      Hi guys,

      I have been soaking up many of your old podcasts this year (first year marriage, first year children’s pastor with my husband), wow it has been an incredible encouragement. I would love to hear about your adventures around this time of the year, recently I have been absorbed in “getting things done”, and sharing as you said, with more people than I share Jesus with. (probably not really, but Thankyou for the great resource)


      Mandi Scott
      Kids pastor
      Tasmania, Australia

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