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  • 36 – Dealing With Problem Parents

    June 27, 2012 · 2 comments

    help-1400x1400Parents are not a problem in Children’s Ministry… but some parents cause problems for us as pastors and leaders. This episode covers some hard-learned tips and lessons on how to handle irate, angry or just misinformed parents.

    Check out ParryGripp on YouTube!

    • Skip Barton

      Thanks for your message. I could relate to the mouth getting ahead of my brain. I have since learned to keep quite and think before I speak. This is an ongoing learning lesson for me. I to am tired of getting a spanking from God..

    • Jay

      Great podcast! We listened to it while driving back from a family vacation. We got lots of laughs AND learned some things that we will start using this Sunday. Keep up the good work!

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