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  • February 2016

    This episode we’re catching up on a week and a half of MMD’s: Stressing over Sonic, a $200 mistake, a pleasant thank you, getting a library card so the kids could get books, making Harry Potter wands… and my son’s reaction when I gave him one.


    This week we’re celebrating not having to go to the Price is Right Live, teasing my son about being adopted, and playing Monopoly with the kids for the first time.


    57 – Valentine’s Day

    February 15, 2016 · 0 comments

    gospel-of-kennison-podcast-200x176This week we’re going to talk about Valentine’s Day, adoption, name changes, and how it all fits together.

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    This week we celebrate: Spilling my guts at church; Realizing I have a Ward; Having Donovan on That Story Show; Dinner at Culvers instead of being at church; Guesting on slant.fm podcast; and my daughter stealing water at Target.