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  • October 2012

    I made this Buzz using Disney’s Pixel’d app which is a great little pixel art app. Easy to use… and free! Check it out in the iTunes app store. Note the full-size and actual sized versions.

    This Buzz says, “Objects on screen may appear bigger than they are.”


    This is not a parody. Nor is it a copy of any particular style… I just wanted to draw Buzz a little differently and this is what came out.

    This Buzz says, “I look like I belong on the bottom of a Totem Pole.”

    Buzz 245 – Flying High

    October 29, 2012 · 0 comments


    Drew this on my iPad with my new brush stylus. I love the ease of drawing with it… But it’s going to take some getting used to.

    This Buzz says, “Up, up and away!”

    We saw this little guy laying in the Pumpkin Patch and both Jenn and I thought it was the perfect shape to become a skull. An hour later here’s what it turned into. (Click to make it bigger).

    Some more not-so-artsy shots after the jump.  [click to continue…]

    37 – Reboot!

    October 25, 2012 · 1 comment

    help-1400x1400Hey folks! We’re switching things up at Help! I’m A Children’s Pastor. It’s been long enough that we’re doing a Reboot! Listen and be introduced to our new co-host Pastor John Steinklauber to the show. John’s a brand new Children’s Pastor though he’s not new to ministry. Listen to the show for all the details. Send in your comments and questions for Ep 38!

    [click to continue…]


    Years ago I was invited to participate in a contest to create a theme song for the Major Spoilers podcast. I won that contest and had my song featured on every podcast they produced for the next couple of years. The other week a listener to that show requested a chord chart for the guitar so they could play it themselves. this renewed interest in the song prompted me to remake it using my iPad and the Garageband app. Enjoy!

    And if your into comic books and trades check out Major Spoilers. It’s the best show of it’s kind! (RSS | iTunes)

    Major Spoiler by James Kennison (mp3 download)

    The requested Chord Chart.



    Before I put crafted Buzz 242 in his little coffin I wanted to have a visual while I formed him from the poly clay. This is that sketch. Though this sketch served it’s purpose well, I love how differently the final product turned out. Poly clay lends itself to a more ’round’ look. It makes this sketch seem even more dark and gothic than some have said Coffin Buzz was.

    Post-it Note Art

    October 18, 2012 · 1 comment

    We’ve been doing a 9-week series at my kid’s church called “Post-it Notes from God“. We’re using the theme to help kids hear messages from the Bible as if God were writing them a Post-it. Examples are “You Matter”, “I Have A Plan For You”, “Slow Down” and “Take Out The Trash”. It’s been a blast. Each week I’ve tried to take it to the next level by revealing a piece of Post-it Note art live during the service. It’s always a surprise and so far have all been well received. We just finished week 5 of the series and it’s been fun watching the pieces slowly take over the stage and set.

    After the 9-week series is over we’ll be giving them away to children who can say the 66 books of the Persistent Bible. So far my daughter and one other young man have met that challenge and will get first and second pick! They decided to wait till the end before deciding in case I make something they like even more.

    First in the series was (of course) Buzz Lightyear. He’ll be a properly listed Buzz eventually. I just need to get a better picture of him.

    Week three was a little Hello Kitty.

    Even Nathan my sound man has gotten into the action. He’s surprised me with a Creeper Face and a recreation of my 8-bit Character Icon that I recently set as my Facebook and Twitter profile pic. You can see the kids have had unlimited access to pads of post-its as well and have had a grand time every week trying to make anything and everything they can think of.

    I’ll have to go and take some photos of the ones I’m missing. Stay tuned!

    He seems like he’s thinking deep, meaningful and downright contemplative thoughts here. This Buzz happened when the kids got a mess of scratchboards from their Mother on a “no tv day” and I asked if I could do one too. J, my four-year-old son said it was “Awesome!”. So that’s something.

    This Buzz says, “I don’t always allow my image to be inscribed into scratchboard… but when I do, that scratchboard is hippy rainbow colored.”

    This project has been almost a year in the making… even though I did 90% of it in the last 24 hours. The coffin was purchased at a Michael’s last October. The poly clay buzz and satin liner was constructed today. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I sketched him out in advance… and I’m sure it will be used as Buzz 243! 🙂

    This Buzz says, “This is what “beyond” looks like.”