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  • April 2011

    You know what your life has been missing? A pancake in the shape of Buzz Lightyear’s head. Well, no longer! You are so welcome.

    Today’s entry was inspired by the amazing pancake artwork over at Jim’s Pancakes. Go check out what he’s doing over there.

    This Buzz says, “What goes best with a poly-carbonate space suit? Syrup, cinnamon and sugar, fruit, jelly or peanut butter?”

    “I wanted to make a Buzz that was intimidating and somewhat scary, and ended up with this.”

    by CornNerd

    “I was checking the last few updates of your Buzzes yesterday, and I had sudden inspiration to do another of my own.  Traveling far past the Renaissance, we now know the answer to the question: What if Buzz Lightyear were a hipster?”

    by Matthew Sargent

    We all know that one kid… the only thing that is maturing on him is his ability to grow specks of hair on his face. Poor guy. I imagine that Buzz’s over-the-top personality might be in response to a pretty tough social life in High School. That and someone suggested I do an awkward teen Buzz.

    This Buzz says, “Prom is stupid anyway.”

    I was inspired by the work of Fabian Gzlez who recently released the ABC Superheros graphic. Fabian decorated each letter of the alphabet with the costume of a hero who’s name began with that letter. Naturally when it was time to make my Buzz, I chose the letter B. I could have just drawn it out… but I wanted something to hang on the wall. It was difficult mimicking the clean style when painting by hand. I tried to make the lines as perfect as I could.

    This Buzz says, “Better be brilliant because boldness be brash but benign.

    I went ahead and painted the Buzz carving from Monday. This might be considered cheating… but I did a lot of research and had to learn how to paint and finish wood for this to be possible. So on Monday I presented the figure… and today I present the paint job.

    This Buzz says, “Momma says I got a laaaazy eye.!”

    I made this out of Mustard. You’re looking at it right now… making a judgment. But you can’t truly appreciate this one until you are in the room with it. This Buzz is easily the smelliest one I’ve done. Mustard doesn’t necessarily smell bad… it just smells too much.

    This Buzz says, “Next time someone hands you an exploding ham, I’m gonna pass the mustard!”

    After many weeks, and after many nicks and cuts, I put the finishing touches on my hand-carved wooden Buzz Lightyear figure. I added individually carved arms and pinned them to the main figure with carved dowels. They move.

    Click the following to see other views and closeups: [click to continue…]

    Buzz Lightyear as an Easter Egg. What could be better? I really wanted to create the egg in the traditional way… with egg dye… but after the initial dip for the skin color, the shell wouldn’t take any other colors. I had to switch to markers.

    The egg is hollow. I hollowed it out a couple of weeks ago. Why? Two reasons. One, because I wanted to keep it forever… and hard-boiled eggs do eventually go bad. Two, an empty egg has long been the “prestige” at the end of a Sunday School lesson referred to as “Resurrection Eggs”. Teachers use plastic eggs filled with various items (small cross, nails, cloth, etc) to teach and remind children about the Passion of Jesus Christ. The last egg is empty… which reminds us that though Christ did die for our sins, he is no longer dead and his tomb, though full, became empty on Easter Sunday.

    This Buzz says, “I’m Agnostic”.

    I found this cool pixel Buzz online and wanted to build it in Minecraft… so I did. I know I’ve done a few of these now… but I really enjoy seeing these super small pixel images done up as huge monuments in-game. I used a technique I found on YouTube to squeeze a few more colors out of Minecraft. If you build using two layers instead of one, you can sick a block back behind another and get a darker version of that color… because the game draws a shadow over it. So when you’re looking at Buzz here, the purple is actually all the same color… but the ones that appear darker are actually just set back one block.

    This Buzz says, “I look much better than my predecessors.”

    We got back from the Nobody’s Listening meetup in Orlando, Florida at 11:55pm tonight. I still hadn’t done my Buzz for today. I have several in the works… but none were ready. Then I thought, “Let’s make a Buzz out of dots!” So here’s what I came up with an hour later.

    This Buzz says, “I may be made completely of little dots… but I’m still 100% man, babe. Rawr!”